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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Remembrance: Mac Tonnies

Paul Kimball reminds us that October 18th, 2013 is the fourth year commemoration of Mac Tonnies' surprising, too-early death.

In remembrance of Mac, Paul provides a YouTube segment from Canada's Supernatural Investigator, which Mac hosted. The show, Paul tells us, used a different host each week, and got a good one with Mac at the helm.


I hope Mac gets a chance to see this, wherever he may be....


The Polar Bear's Cousin?



Nick Redfern’s new book: For Nobody’s Eyes Only

Nick does it again. His latest effort, For Nobody’s Eyes Only, confirms that Mr. Redfern is a researcher/writer who digs deep into the nether world of UFOs, the paranormal, and governments and comes up with material and information that no one else has been able to gather or when they do, misread that material and information.

Mr. Redfern not only finds the goods, he explicates those goods also, which he does in this new book, where not only files (missing and otherwise) about UFOs, military operations, and even celebrities are tortuously sought and found or, at least remnants of them, clues as to their existence once (and still?).

The book’s 217 pages are packed with unknown or little known “facts” which anyone who likes to know what the hell is going on will find, not only interesting but maddening too.

Nick Opens Part 1, What Secrecy Means, with a précis on Top Secret designations and The Freedom of Information Act.

Part 2, UFOs, Alien, and Cosmic Conspiracies, Takes the reader back to Roswell (yes), and other UFO mystery-missing files and materials, including an intriguing story of a faked alien ( extraterrestrial) invasion contrived by a man named Kenneth Goff.

Part 3, Files on Famous Faces, covers Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Watergate, Aleister Crowley (a minor obsession of Mr. Redfern’s I think), and the government’s obsession (also) with Crowley (and Monroe too).

Part 4, Secret Government Projects, contains information about “A Secret Space Program” and the dastardly government experiments on humans, plus the controversial mind-games the CIA was (and is?) engaged in.

Part 5, Presidents, Politicians, and Powerful People, gets into the JFK assassination and J. Edgar Hoover’s secret files, on everyone.

The UFO portion(s) of Nick’s book will be fodder for most of you who visit here, but the other materials will lend support for whatever conspiracy theory about Roswell and flying saucers you’ve heard and maybe laughed off.

I found the notes on Australia’s lost UFO files [Page 62 ff.] to be particularly interesting as the files pertained to the Woomera rocket facility in Australia, which factor into, as I see it, the (in)famous Solway Firth “spaceman” photo from 1964, taken by Jim Templeton and covered here, at this blog, rather extensively.

The book is so replete with details and stories that readers have never really parsed that one has to grab the book for their “reference shelf.”

The Bibliography is extensive, and the Index (usually a rarity in such books) is vastly helpful. And there are photographs (of documents and people), also a rarity in other books dealing with similar topics.

The book is a publication of New Page Books, a Division of The Career Press, Inc. Popmpton Plains, NJ, 2014 and sells for $15.99 (paperback).

Add it to your Redfern collection; he’s become the most prolific and sensible of today’s crop of writers about things on the fringe of reality.