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Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Truly Wonderful UFO Site

Anthony Bragalia brought this site to my attention. Check it out:



Atheists and UFOs

Atheists can’t offer the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis as the causa principia of UFOs, and here’s why…

Aside from our long-expressed view here that the Earth is an inconsequential planet in a wayward Solar System on the fringe of the Milky Way (our galaxy), a planet that doesn’t call attention to itself, amongst the other wonders of the known Universe, and therefore hardly a beacon for alien cultures advanced enough to know that.

But the primary reason that atheists can’t proffer the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis for UFOs derives from the fact [sic] that evolution is unique to this planet, this Earth.

There are no other planets, anywhere in the Universe, -- or so infinitesimally few – with the environmental factors like Earth’s, that evolution, as it took place here, could not have happened there.

Human beings, as Darwin’s evolutionary string provides, would not appear anywhere outside of Earth. It’s a virtual impossibility.

However, one can posit that a Divine Presence or Intelligent, Sentient Force or Entity, may have seeded the Universe with beings selected by the Imaginative Mind of that Omniscient Being, or God, if you will.

But atheists find such a view to be anathema.

(I haven’t brought up the difficulty of alien peoples visiting Earth in the droves that UFO reports seem to indicate. The economies for such travels would be staggering, let alone the sheer numbers of such travelers, mincing their way to the Earth, rather than visiting more luxurious venues or elementally fecund locales. Earth has no minerals or elements unique to it.)

This leaves us with the Multiverse scenario, bringing it with it like caveats for interstellar travel, or the Time-Travel option, which is an acceptable hypothetical explanation not foreign to current thinking of theoretical physicists.

But those UFO explanations are thin and not fleshed out by most in the UFO community.

The ETH is the simpleton view that UFO mavens can hunker down with, and not strain a neurological muscle.

But it’s based upon premises that make intellectuals cringe.