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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Pre-Roswell Saucer Crash?

From The Aubeck/Vallee book, Wonders in the Sky, one of my all-time favorite books, appears this account which is wonderfully odd (and slightly emended by me):

On July 20th 1571, about midnight, there was a great wind over Prague, Czechoslovakia that made a large rumbling noise which woke people up. As those wakened people looked out their windows, they saw a marching army coming along Spalena Street.

The soldiers held weapons in their hands; the witnesses found their appearance unnerving.

Behind the soldiers came something resembling a large round “chariot” drawn by oxen. The object, which made a loud noise, was apparently made of metal and had no wheels.

Eight large human figures marched behind the vehicle.They looked frightful because they had no faces but wore enormous spurs on their feet, adding to the noise.

A great fire appeared on the ground in front of the Church of the Sacred Heart. The big chariot arrived near the fire.

Again a frightful wind arose at the same time as a kind of rain of fire, and this horrifying vision disappeared.

However, a luminous object could be made out in the air, a circle of fire that persisted until dawn.

(That year there was a great famine and many people died.)

Original Source: J. Beckovsky, Posekyně starých příběhův českých. Díl druhý Od roku 1526-1715.

[Page 165 ff.]

This is a “journalistic-like report” that has the whiff of authenticity about it. It seems to record a downed UFO or flying disk, still identified, as in Biblical times, as a chariot.

The creatures in attendance are descriptively intriguing -- large, not diminutive -- and what were those spurs?

Were the soldiers marching in front of the object, connected to the object or a Czech military contingent that came across the object and its attendant beings?

Was there any follow-up, in military records of the time or something in the annals of the Church?