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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outsider Art and UFOs

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In Chris Aubeck’s account of the image and vision of Frederick Birmingham in 1868 (which you should read here, in the posting before this one), one has to account for the voice(s) and images imparted to Mr. Birmingham.

While his contemporaries invoked mental aberration to Mr. Birmingham, I’m not so sure that his experience was a schizophrenic episode.

It’s a possibility, surely, but what is he was contacted, as he reported, by something or someone who provided aircraft information to him during the ongoing surge of lighter-than-air devices in the time-frame?

The Birmingham account occurred around the same time as the Henry Wallace incident, outlined by Mr. Aubeck in his book with Jacques Vallee, Wonders in the Sky, and noted in my July 2013 piece:

Something was going on in the 1800s: preparatory aircraft-sightings of a seemingly demented kind, but were they really mental aberrations?

In the Birmingham incident(s) one finds drawings to “corroborate” what the witness experienced. Are these records of actual visions or renderings of a diseased mind?

A search (or scrutiny) of “outsider art” – which has been gathered mostly from patients in mental hospitals – might show intrusions of thoughts (telepathically?) by someone or something hoping to bring about progressive change in human progression, but mistakenly seen as psychological or neurological aberration.

The outsider art one might look at can’t include that from contemporary times or the so-called modern era – 1950 on, to arbitrarily set a cut-off date.

Modern “outsider art” is conflicted by the anxieties of the times, as Jung noted in his book, Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

Here’s outsider art by contemporary “artists”:

It’s useless for our purpose, although it has imagery that seems to pertain.

Here are examples of art from 1911 and 1930 which may contain imagery that is germane to UFOs and those responsible for that phenomenon (perhaps):

Like cave art or pictographs of ancient mankind, which show oddities that are not reconciled by paleontology or scholars, outsider art may contain clues or images that confirm UFOs come from a place outside of time or terrestrial locale, as is the case with Mr. Birmingham’s contact(s) in the mid-1800s.