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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Arthur Koester’s Coverall-garbed UFO Aliens

Science writer and paranormalist, Arthur Koestler wrote a play, The Twilight Bar, in 1933, which was published in 1945, and is now available from various sources.

David Richie writes in his book, UFO [op. cit] that in the play, two “aliens” arrive on Earth in a craft that looks like a meteorite to warn humankind that it has three days in which to improve its behavior or face destruction. [Page 211]

The play, obviously antedated 1951’s The Day the Earth Stood Still, which was written by Edmund H. North, based on the 1940 short story, “Farewell to the Master” by Harry Bates. [Wikipedia]

The play never really caught on and was initially panned mercilessly by critics.

However, a Norwegian playwright produced the play, not long ago, with a contemporary staging.
The interesting thing, for me, was the description of the occupants of the craft, the alien visitors: they were dressed in white coveralls.

That’s the same descriptive used by Lonnie Zamora for his 1964 Socorro sighting and also factors in the Woomera, Australia 1964 rocket launch where two unauthorized men in white coveralls were spotted, causing the launch to be aborted; that event related to the Jim Templeton Solway Firth spaceman photo (that we’ve addressed here a number of times).

Why the prosaic description – white coveralls – for alleged extraterrestrial visitors, in fiction and UFO accounts?

Koestler wrote the The Roots of Coincidence, a book about ESP, telepathy, and the like. It too is available from various sources and once was held in high esteem, as Arthur Koestler was a noted conservative writer with cachet among literati and scientists alike.

Did Arthur Koestler have an alien mental intrusion causing him to write his play, with a theme not unlike that of the 1950s contactees?

After all, Mr. Koestler wasn’t particularly interested in space visitors or telepathy and ESP early on in his career and life.

He produced a provocative tome, The Thirteenth Tribe, indicating that some Jews, like himself, were of a race quite different from the Shepherdic Hebrews of the Biblical texts.

What caused him to deviate from that interest and his support of the Lamarckian theory of evolution advocated by biologist Paul Kammerer to go astray with a story of white coverall garbed aliens?

And why do white coverall garbed “men” show up in two 1964 UFO-related incidents?

In 1976, Koestler was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and, in 1979, with terminal leukemia. In 1983 he and his wife committed suicide at home in London. [Wikipedia]


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