UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Alien Abduction Hypothesis?

Alien abduction scenarios have pretty much been anathema for me.

I see “abductions” as a psychological or neurological state, enmeshed in sexual difficulties affecting, mentally, those who think they’ve been taken by extraterrestrial kidnappers.

But there is one possibility that, while oblique, may be possible.

We can assume that the use of space-time will become a reality for future mankind.

Einstein, and other physicists, have thought and/or predicted that time, or space-time, might be amenable to manipulation in the future.

If that is a possibility, would it not allow for the intrusion of future Earthians into our time to correct, alter, or destroy elements that have afflicted or enhanced their time?

That is, suppose the cases of alien abduction are not kidnappings by extraterrestrials but, rather, are visitations by future humans who come back to this time to “fix” whatever they think needs fixing?

This would help explain why common folk are those that are “abducted.”

It’s not those people who the intruders are interested in but their descendants – their children or grandchildren, their descendants.

It’s the Terminator scenario: future Earthians come back, altering space and time to do so, in order to “enhance” or “alter” or “destroy” the genetic or biological elements within those whose progenerated offspring affect the lives of future humankind.

Scientists, evil-doers, cultural figures of the future would be altered, for bad or good, depending upon what is done or has been done to their forebears.

The alleged medical procedures performed on some abductees makes sense in such a scenario.

That abductees are taken through walls or out of closed-door automobiles would be explained by an alteration of the space, the locale, where the “abduction” takes place.

Of course, my sci-fi-like conjecture is bizarre, but it would allow for another abductee possibility, other than such people are just mad with psychological or neurological problems or are bountiful liars.