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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mind Alteration and UFO Encounters/Abductions

Some ufologists consider the use of psychedelics as one of the possible causes for some UFO events; that is, the percipients have a UFO experience that stems from ingesting chemicals that induce hallucinatory images thought to be reality.

Shamanistic practices worked similarly, but without the UFO overlay.

Richard Bucke in his masterwork, Cosmic Consciousness [E.P. Dutton and Company, NY, 1901] provides examples of visions and mental states derived from the affects of Chloroform [Page 379 ff.].

“flashes of intense light, out-of-body experience, the presence of another, and telepathic thoughts.”

(Some of these experiences mimic the so-called Near Death Experience.)

Other chemical and drugs – Bucke notes that alcohol produces bastard stimulations like those noted above – along with adverse food reactions, neurological qlitches, and psychological malfunctions can create perverse observations of reality, UFO abductions and encounters in those predilected to things with a sci-fi bent.

The Travis Walton abduction is grist, I think, for such an explanation, the Pascagoula episode also.

The Hill’s “abduction” could be based upon a carbon monoxide leak in their car – did anyone ever pursue that possibility? – or effects from what they last ate before heading home.

Okay, we know that UFOs are seen or recorded (film and radar) but encounters and abductions are not.

UFOs provide the mental stimuli (or premise in fraud reportings) for some who think they’ve been taken aboard an extraterrestrial craft, but it’s what has affected their brains that produces the hallucinatory stories that are related to “researchers.”

Hypnosis merely exacerbates the hallucinatory event; hypnosis doesn’t provide truth of a tangible reality.

For moderate UFO mavens, alien abduction is a mental or bogus canard, while UFOs remain a viable phenomenon, worthy of research and discussion, for those inclined to such ephemeral “realities.”



  • [Whew! Unusu'ly low comment traffic for you Rich].

    There's also the possibility of allergic reactions such as with penicillin or like the case o' the young lady reported a while back in the UK press as gettin' deliriously drunk on orange juice.

    Then o' course there's context highers like my sister who doesn't drink but gets giddier the more ev'ryone else drinks.

    An' o' course the possibility some people's bodies nat'rally synthesize narcotics in certain situations.

    The only problem with most o' the above an' carbon monoxide or indeed anesthetic etc's if the body's anythin' t'go by one should expect a broken discoordinated experience with severely diminished or even episodic'ly blacked out awareness.

    Instead if we take people at their word or're convinced due t'pers'nal experience we get hyper vivid narratives.

    Which brings us back t'such possibilities as cuing by some unidentified *hypnotist*/*brainwasher*.

    Or yet another possibility the reason these experiences seem so vivid's because in some way they're more *real* or less *unreal* than the normal semi oblivious unawareness we suddenly realise we spend most of our existence in.

    But you know all this so consider it idle chatter or a roundabout way o' sayin' I'm happy y'still bangin' heads.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Monday, January 27, 2014  

  • Thanks, Alan...

    A few comments here (and at other postings) are not seeing the light of day, for various reasons.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, January 27, 2014  

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