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Monday, January 20, 2014

We are all connected...ETs, us, skeptics, and nuts



  • According to the work of the French physicist Jean Pierre Petit , dark matter and dark energy does not exist. According to Jean- Pierre Petit and Andrei Sakharov in his time, it is possible to demonstrate, with supporting calculations , that our universe is twofold. There is a world of invisible matter , for dimensional reasons , which affects our universe by the gravitational force . The material twin pushes the matter of our universe, because of the effect of inverse gravity , giving a concentration of material in the form of filaments, like soap bubbles joined. If we could see things from the universe twin , we would see where concentrations of materials in our universe, we see gaps . A document is being prepared for publication in a journal referred. A book was written long ago by Jean Pierre Petit to discuss this aspect , it was called "We lost half of the universe. " It's hard to find now .

    Pardon my English lamentable .

    By Blogger Unknown, at Monday, January 20, 2014  

  • ...Petit, the amusing physicist, and amateur cartoonist, was a major proponent in the late 1970s of the MHD theory of propulsion for UFO aerodynes...

    ...he also smoked little tiny cigars...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Monday, January 20, 2014  

  • P.S. - for the current crop of none-applied-science 'UFO' researchers, MHD is an acronym for Magneto Hydrodynanics....

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Monday, January 20, 2014  

  • P.P.S. - for those that are sticklers proper spelling:


    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Monday, January 20, 2014  

  • Hi, yes JPP is a very intelligent man, but his stances on UFOs and promotion to generate scientific interest in the study, was never forgiven by his colleagues. Neither the UFO community because it has always considered that they were not competent in science to discuss seriously. But for now, he is the only French to be invited to international conferences, to discuss work MHD. If the MHD does not fully explain the propulsion of UFOs, it shows that the scientific study of UFOs is fertile, contrary to the conclusions of the Condon Report in 1969. In 2001, he met with American engineers in Brighton, a symposium on advanced propulsion. They told him over a beer, they continued to work on the MHD and its variant, the Electro-Aero-Dynamic since the 60s. The navy had torpedoes from over 500 knots since the early 80s, and a hypersonic aircraft that surfed the atmosphere on its shockwave. They confirmed to him that they had recovered at Roswell in 1947 had their technical leap 40 years in the world. But if repeated person would believe. He hesitated but repeated in a book. Today I think he regrets having spoken too much about UFOs, which broke his career. You can find more info on this guy on the net.I think he's brilliant but difficult character, but as often are clever people.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Tuesday, January 21, 2014  

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