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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Gaines Crook: A Man With Great Insight

Gaines Crook’s material about the UFO phenomenon (online here and at http://ufoh.blogspot.com) implies, without him saying [writing] so, allows me to infer, that the use of electromagnetism by UFOs interferes with or manipulates the minds of those who are observers – something pertinent to Jose Caravaca’s Distortion theory perhaps.

Gaines Crook writes:

“The intelligence behind it is native to this Earth but is hiding behind a great masquerade.” [Mac Tonnies’ eventual conjecture]

“ … it  can generate fantastic electromagnetic fields.”

“We have credible reports that it can levitate objects, bend light beams and affect the very basis of time, but this may or may not be true, due to the ‘Trickster Factor.’”

“There are some who are beginning to wake up and see that the scenarios experienced by the so called "abductees" can be compared to computer "virtual reality" which could be called the best of human trickery.”

From a philosophical point of view, for an intelligence that is reputedly able to put voices within a person's head, it would seem easier to put the sounds into the mind of the percipient.

We know that a stage magician/hypnotist can tell a person that a hand or a foot is immobilized and he will be frozen to the spot. With the ability to communicate directly to the mind of the percipient the UFO intelligence may be able to do the same thing.

Or the phenomenon is electromagnetic in itself; that is, it is, in essence or essentially, a physically but unknown electromagnetic phenomenon.

Gaines Crook writes:

“The organization of the UFO seems to include plasma phenomena. I do not mean that the UFO is a natural plasma body  (a la Phil Klass) but that there are certain operational properties which appear to be plasma like.”

“The RB47 case cited by McDonald (14) is interesting because the UFO, flying sometimes at faster than the speed of sound apparently produced signals which mimicked a ground search radar.The RB47 was on an electronic warfare training mission over  the south  central United States when the UFO produced signals  which "appeared to be similar to those of a CPS-6 radar." The frequency was stated to be about 3000 megahertz, the pulse width was 2 microseconds and PRF was 600 hertz. If I remember correctly, a CPS-6 is a 6 megawatt S band ground search radar with 30 db of antenna gain. This means that it's effective radiated peak pulse power (including the 30 db of antenna gain) is six billion watts; not a weak power source.  In this case the signals observed seemed to be intended to generate confusion. It was definitely electromagnetic and the receiver displays were photographed by the crew of the RB47.”

Why I find Mr. Crook’s insights interesting lies in the nature of UFOs as reports indicate.

There are maneuvers and actions that seem intelligent in their nature. This tells me that UFOs may be an innately intelligent phenomenon or a “natural species” of some kind.

Or within UFOs resides intelligence – plants? Or a unique, alien life form from time (not space) or a life form intrinsic to Earth – The Mac Tonnies crypto-terrestrial hypothesis.

Gaines Crook provided a quasi-scientific approach to the UFO phenomenon that intrigues.

His son, Joel, is looking for more of his writings, which I hope to present here if and when they are found.



  • I'm not sure that he would use the word "electromagnetism" to describe all of what "they" do.

    His definition:

    "By electromagnetic, I mean the frequencies with which we can comfortably deal with electric and magnetic polarizations and modes with frequencies up to microwaves. Other radiation such as infrared, visible light, ultraviolet and X-rays are also electromagnetic but we must deal with them as optic phenomena."

    He spent 40+ years working with and using electromagnetic devices [including very large degaussing coils used to demagnetize scientific satellites].

    It appears that to him the word electromagnetics can only be applied to what we already know that electromagnetics can do.

    Calling something an electromagnetic effect when we are unable to duplicate the effect using known electromagnetic means is not "scientific".

    This is something akin to someone saying that because an incandescent light gives off light and heat in then MUST BE that a light bulb operates the same as a candle and therefore all light bulbs are the result of "candle energy".

    In one of the papers I have which could be categorized as "working notes"[which I will send RR] he says:

    " Having been responsible for 'making things work' for most of the years of my adult life I find it disturbing when I read accounts by non-technically competent writers claiming that the UFO intelligence has equipment to do various things or that it is done with an "advanced technology" when that line of reasoning is purely speculative. Or when they try to explain an occurrence by pounding round data into a square hole in order to explain an event unexplainable with our technology."

    Call it a scientist-engineer's prerogative to call things only by a name that actually falls within known classifications.

    The source of these files is a hard drive from one of his computers on which the operating system 'failed' making it 'unbootable. Many of the files which I have are only 'variation of the same theme' concerning electromagnetics and can either be classified as 'working notes' or fragments.

    There are two exceptions which deal with the same subject which is related to the magnetic anomaly recorded at the Gulf Breeze site. Here he departed from attempting to convey his ideas to laymen and into actually discussing and describing with math the implications of the measurements taken.

    Unfortunately they are incomplete and I have so far been unable to locate complete versions of the documents. To make matters worse it is beyond my competence to determine the scientific validity of these fragments. But his working hypothesis was that the effects we have been calling "electromagnetic" are the result of the manipulation of at least two of what human science has up to this point has called "universal constants".

    I will send these along for publication here once I get the files in "human readable" form.



    By Blogger gishzida, at Saturday, February 01, 2014  

  • I'm reading into what your father wrote....implied was the word used.

    His views, to my way of thinking, take into account the inherent mystery of what happens when a UFO is observed.

    His point that UFO investigators are off the mark gets to the heart of the problem with "ufology."

    More material from him should flesh out his insight(s).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, February 01, 2014  

  • “The intelligence behind it is native to this Earth but is hiding behind a great masquerade.” [Mac Tonnies’ eventual conjecture]

    Also Ivan Sanderson in "Invisible Residents" explored this possibility
    My bet is evolved monotremes.

    By Blogger edward gehrman, at Saturday, February 01, 2014  

  • > My bet is evolved monotremes.

    Someone has written a programme that accurately simulates Mr. Gehrman!

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Tuesday, February 04, 2014  

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