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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ufology's Underbelly

Anthony Bragalia provides an overview of the seedier aspects of ufology: the UFO community's reprobates.

Click HERE to see his piece (at his personal blog).


  • Bad stuff to be sure but not as bad as the degenerates in the U.S. Congress that make public policy for the rest of us. Sporadic UFO degeneracy is mostly a private matter (thank goodness) while the sex and drug politicial culture in D.C. is a long-running tax-payer financed public disgrace.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, March 14, 2014  

  • A case of cherrypicking. You can always find 'deviants', in any walk of life, if you look hard enough. The percentage of such among ufologists is probably no higher than that among, say, sportsmen, actors/actresses, teachers, writers, academics, doctors or even politicians. Ufology is not a profession anyway.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, March 14, 2014  

  • CDA-

    I agree and say in my opening paragraph that "the world of UFOs attracts many types from all walks of life." Like the general population, this includes those who are "seedy."

    Reading about the serious charges levied against Romanek got me to reflecting on others in this 'world' who had a very 'dark side.'

    We must acknowledge these types exist. We must shun their work. And finally, we should remain vigilant against these types in the future as they can cause much harm.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Friday, March 14, 2014  

  • I'd be careful posting this sort of information. Some of the more credulous members of the UFO community don't appreciate it. When I previously mentioned Wendelle Stevens' criminal convictions for molestation of a child, I was (rather unusually for me) called by one member of ATS "a despicable individual", "a true disgrace", "extremely cruel" and "irreverent, unfair, disrespectful and evil". Personally, I think it is the child molesters that are evil, not the people that interrupt lavish praise for such individuals by pointing out their criminal convictions. One of the other members of ATS (Jeff Ritzmann) commented in the relevant discussion that "Clearly the UFOlogical hero worship affliction overpowers good common sense"... : http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread609720/pg1#pid9549358

    By Blogger Isaac Koi, at Friday, March 14, 2014  

  • A well drawn up list by Anthony. I do wish he'd amend it to include David Jacobs and his treatment of his research subject 'Emma Woods'.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Saturday, March 15, 2014  

  • Hi Isaac-

    Yes, of all of those listed, Stevens seems to be the one that some want to defend the most. A commenter on one site actually said "the girl looked much older" as if to excuse Steven's criminal actions.

    Hi Brownie-

    Thanks for reminding me- I forgot about the despicable David Jacobs and his "work."


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Saturday, March 15, 2014  

  • While this is disappointing, I strongly disagree that all their work should be forgotten. Many scientists and such are guilty of various crimes and immoral behaviors. Even Einstein is now said to have lived a less than perfectly pure life, and that's someone whose work definitely should never be forgotten!

    By Blogger John Collins, at Thursday, March 20, 2014  

  • John:

    You make a point that writer Paul Johnson provided in his book, Intellectuals, which listed all the shortcomings of the great men and women in society, whose work should not necessarily be short-shrifted because of their moral failings.

    However, the men noted by Anthony Bragalia do not have anywhere near the cachet of greatness of those in Johnson's work.

    The guys named by Mr. Bragalia are sleazy, and their work undercut by that sleaze.

    They are to be ignored and their "work" also.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, March 20, 2014  

  • John-

    If they lied to keep their illegal and immoral double-lives secret, they likely lied in other areas of their lives, including their research.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Friday, March 21, 2014  

  • Putting aside a known fraud like 'experiencer' Stan Romanek, who should have been ignored in the ufo community but wasn't and now he's in a bigger pickle than his alien-in-the-window fakery; it seems if we disgard everything a person has investigated/researched/written about in ufology, based on bad behavior, some important information may be ignored, even lost.

    Far more important people such as politicians and social activists who were/are immoral (JFK/RFK/EMK & MLK are glaring examples to me, who've become iconic heros); resulting in the deaths or ruined lives of others. Should their political/social activist careers, which included positive contributions to our society, be disregarded? These three brothers were reprobates. And, ordained minister MLK was no better and fond of shouting he was "f****** for Jesus" when he'd meet up with his white GFs. J. Edgar Hoover had MLK and the Kennedy brothers over a barrel with salicious audio recordings. And, ironically, Hoover wasn't any better than they were in the morals dept.

    Such leaders, past and present, are much more important and should be held to higher standards than a few screw-ball ufologists, wannabe-experiencers and creepy debunkers, yet they're not.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Sunday, March 23, 2014  

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