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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Why The Ancient Astronaut thing drives some people crazy

I like the AA conjecturing about “exta-terrestrials” – they don’t pronounce the word as “extraterrestrials” – as it is imaginative and fictive.
But it can’t really be taken seriously, for a number of reasons.

One is that the “theorists” link images of ancient man to technology of today – today’s space suits, rocketry, et cetera.

Why would ancient alien visitors show up on Earth garbed in outfits and/or suits that mimic those of the 1960s and 1970s Earthian astronauts?

And where are such visitors today? Where did they go? And why do they show up in today’s UFO lore as little gray beings with little or no gear protecting their seemingly frail bodies?

Also, is it equally feasible that the stories AA theorists use to bolsters their views are just as reasonable for those who wrote, long ago, and many believe today, that it was “gods” or “immortals” who intervened and inter-acted with humankind.

That is, the myths and legends are just as palpable, or more so, if they truly represent gods and angels,

Alien or “exta-terrestrials” are a possibility but so are supernatural gods.

Those who study the paranormal know this.

And while the advanced thinking of early man, that produced the elaborate structures and ideas attributed  by AA theorists to space aliens, seems questionable to some, the mind of man, early on, had the ability to build such structures.

It’s the difficulty and unexplained machinations of such building that allows AA theorists to hold sway with some of the populace.

But if supernatural abilities were operative – something just as possible to paranormalists and outrageous to saner persons – the structures (Stonehenge, the Mayan/Incan pyramids, et cetera) appeared without an “exta-terrestrial” intervention.

Yes, supernatural abilities and gods are a stretch, but not any more so that the intervention of alien space travelers with outmoded space gear and rocketry that AA believers offer as support for their “theory.”

Again, the imaginative views of the AA crowd are entertaining, but that’s all they are. 
For me, that the gods did what legend says they did represent an equally valid view.



  • Rich, IMO the Ancient Aliens dog and pony show on tv has ruined the subject for serious consideration. Ugh! The bane of corporatism and reducing ideas to the lowest common denominator!

    In the past, I read a bit of Sitchen, Bramley, Cremo and a couple of other authors interested in ancient aliens who I can't remember at the moment. The very basic idea I've come away with and I think might, just might, have happened to upgrade homineds to humans is the Annunaki story which is one that appears to be in the ancient folklore of so many diverse peoples around the world.

    The Annunaki weren't described as huge-headed with spindly bodies (like the grays), but were tall and somewhat reptilian/humanoid looking. Sometimes they were wearing protective gear and sometimes not.And the grays seemed to be their Watchers- perhaps cloned roboids carrying out their duties, endlessly.

    But what's never made sense is the idea that humans were to be used as a slave species to dig gold and other minerals. If an ET race came here I'd think they'd have the technology to efficiently do that themselves. Just like if a ufo crashed at Roswell, the ETs would have had the good sense to have an auto-kill for their bodies (sort of like the way our primitive cosmonauts/astronauts supposidly have their suicide pills).

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • Susan:

    I have the Sitchin books, bought long, long ago.

    And if I hear the word Annunaki one more time during an AA show, I'll smash my TV....I will!


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • Quite a number of years ago I wanted to "find" the remnants of the "pre-patriarchal Goddess so I took up reading a number of books on the issue. Many of the books I read were scholarly but some were not. Among them were the first four books by Zecharia Sitchin. It was after reading them I realized that most of the AA proponents were wearing the Emperor's New Clothes.

    When I compared Sitchin's works with the scholars who had discovered, defined, translated, and explained what has become known as Assyriology it was clear that Stichin is not a scholar. He is a pulp story teller.

    His use of "myth as history" is a conflagration several different mythologies from several different cultures [Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Assyria] which were separate, distinct cultures which also happened to be more or less sequential in history. He treated Assyrian and Babylonian, and Akkadian myth as if they were part of Sumerian myth. They are not. He treats Akkadian, Babylonian or Assyrian words and names as if they were the same in Sumerian. They are not. Sumerians so far as can be determined were "non-Semitic". The successive cultures after Sumer declined [~2100 BCE] were all Semitic. The only thing that these cultures shared were the use of cuneiform writing not a common language, history or myth. [Much the same way as an alphabet used for English can also be used to write Spanish, French, Italian, German and other languages... with the loss of special characters].

    For example, Marduk, Kingu, and Tiamat have no Sumerian equivalent deity yet Sitchin flips from one mythology to another as if they were all the same to spin his pulp tale of colliding planets and Ancient Aliens.

    I stopped reading Stichin when I realized that his works were nothing more than bad pulp science fiction.

    Rich, I bet you and your readers could think of a better plot that was internally and mythographically consistent... with a proper plot framework it could be a best seller...

    Let's see... start with an obscure
    scholar who discover's a prehistoric stone tablet in the archives of Vatican Library written in Sumerian that tells the tale of a crashed star ship. The Hero[ine] is called in to investigate when the scholar is murdered. With the assistance of an anti-hero[ine] the hero[ine] discovers the truth. Who did it? The Vatican? The Church Militant Wing? The Bavarian Illuminati? The Techno-Anarchists? The Fourth Reich? The Vampire Clans? The Templars? Or is it possibly the survivors of that ancient crash who have appeared though out history in various mythologies as the Djinn, The Paris, The Apsaras / Ghandharvas, The Fae, Elder Race, The Gentry?

    See? we can tell the tale with a bit more creative flare by combining Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum with the archetypes of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.



    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • Joel:

    Sitchin, like the AA people, is entertaining, but that's about it.

    One has to appreciate the fictional imagination of the AA crowd: progenitors, acolytes, and followers.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • This brings to mind the number of "conspiracy theories" that are attributed to UFOs, their Ancient Cousins, and their modern Reptillian friends.

    If there is really a conspiracy why haven't the conspirators killed, silenced, or otherwise publicly discredited the various "personalities" involved... instead the "personalities" only seem to make themselves look like a side show with no apparent assistance needed.... for example that "fluffy shag cut grey haired UFO/fringe anti-Semite talk show host". Really? Or is he part of the "NSA Disinformation Network"?

    Or for the Reptilian believers: If David Icke is right why haven't the Reptilians roasted hime over a slow fire? Why does Icke even bother with his public side show? You don't plot a war against "invaders" in public... unless its about all the money that "believers" are willing to part with...

    The simplest explanation is either Icke is charlatan and the Reptilians do not exist or the "hidden masters" are simply not afraid of being exposed by someone who loves to tell poorly told tall tales.

    You'd think these guys would be more creative and actually have the plot points and actual facts; But like pictures of UFOs, the stories are fuzzy and not well thought out [or documented] and filled with more questions than answers. The Chariots of the Gods books and documentaries were famous for making misleading statements in the form of questions: "Could this be a picture of an AA?" "Could Nibiru have caused environmental trouble on Earth?" "Were the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico built by the same ancient astronauts?" None of the questions are ever actually answered. Its a clever way to lie if you can get away with it.

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • Joel:

    The AA people are only offering conjecture. Von Daniken's initial book was Chariots of the Gods?

    Note the question mark.

    The conjecture is okay with me; it's based on circumstantial thinking and observation, which is allowed and addressed by Freeman Dyson in his review of the new book about Great Scientific Blunders in NYRB, March 6th.

    The hypotheses or theories of AA are imaginative, as I've noted, and entertaining, no worse than the theological conjectures of Christians, Buddhists, or Muslims, but no better either.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 02, 2014  

  • Joel wrote: "Or is it possibly the survivors of that ancient crash who have appeared though out history in various mythologies as the Djinn, The Paris, The Apsaras / Ghandharvas, The Fae, Elder Race, The Gentry?" - - -

    Now that's a fascinating idea!

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Monday, March 03, 2014  

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