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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Socorro Beings, Garbed in White

Setting aside the two men (clothed in white) – Angels – who appeared to Lot at Sodom [Genesis 19, Hebrew Bible], there are a number of accounts, in Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck’s Wonders in the Sky, of beings, clothed in white, who were reportedly seen or connected to UFO sightings, early on and into the modern era:

August 2, 216 B.C. Cannae, Apulia, Italy – round objects in the shape of ships, on the edge of which were seen men dressed in white. [Page 39]

October 15, 1550 A.D. Biubiu River, Chili – Two beings, a beautiful woman and an old man, both dressed in white, appeared to the Mapuche Indians, and from a comet that had greater brightness than other comets, and fell to the ground, came a beautiful womn also dressed in white. [Page 153 ff.]

1752, Kazan Russia – A man named “Yashka” met a stranger dressed in white who took him to a flying cauldron. [Page 257]

August 7, 1806, Rutherford, North Carolina – a Mrs. Reaves, her daughter, and a Negro [sic] woman discovered a numerous crowd of beings, in a cotton field, clad with brilliant white raiment. The crowd moved to Chimney Rock from which two men appeared with a third, two having the nearest resemblance of men any before seen. [Page 286]

July 1, 1836, Szeged, Hungary – Globular lights were seen and apparitions of an entity resembling “a lady in white” and a dwarf-sized Franciscan monk. [Page 306]

About January 12, 1876, Sheridan, Pennsylvania – a witness saw a light borne by what appeared to be a human figure clothed in white that glided along the ground. [Page 342]

And I’ve covered the 1964 Woomera (South Australia) case, attendant to the Solway spaceman photo a number of times. The sighting involves two beings clothed in white, seen near a pending rocket launch.

Here’s a link to one of my postings about those two beings:

What’s my point here?

That Officer Lonnie Zamora’s experience may be something more that a hoax-inspired prank, or a misinterpreted lunar prototype misstep, or a traveling balloon escapade by a paper company, or a sighting of an egg-shaped extraterrestrial craft.

He may have had a mystical experience, like those noted in Wonders….and elsewhere.

That is, Officer Zamora’s event was something in and from a realm that lies outside the normal human environment.

[Wonders in the Sky is published by Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, NY, 2010]



  • RR -

    Interesting book I was unaware of until now, yet it does seem to me just a rehash of Jacques' much earlier 'Passport to Magonia'...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Saturday, April 05, 2014  

  • A little more comprehensive with listings of sightings but not evaluations, KP.

    A valuable catalog nonetheless.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 05, 2014  

  • Cannae, August 216 BC.
    Sounds very much like one of Hannibal's great battles. Isn't the number of Hannibal's elephants also one of the great 'unknowns'? And the number that survived?

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, April 06, 2014  

  • Off topic, CDA?

    You are obsessed with changing discussion course.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 06, 2014  

  • I am 100% certain that two short NMT college students were "garbed" in white lab coveralls. There is no doubt,

    I have included a photo of the NMT students in white lab wear donned in protective white lab helmets and white boots from the 1960s in a prior article- it is precisely what Zamora described.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 06, 2014  

  • Anthony:

    Why would students wear lab coats to produce a prank in the desert?

    And white, notable ones too?

    It's incongruous.

    And, as Don might note, it's not "precisely" what Officer Zamora described.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 06, 2014  

  • Rich,

    I guess the students would have been wearing lab coats precisely to look like "space aliens", as an integral part of the prank.

    As far as I remember, Lonnie said one of the figures was standing beside a bush or plant.

    Afterwards, based upon the height of that bush or plant the investigators calculated the approximate height of the figures. They were about 4 feet tall.

    I recently email former Techie Hal Arbogast, asking him if the recalled if there were any remarkable short or small students at NM Tech back in 1964.

    He just replied "There were none of that size, all were much taller ..... even the women".

    If that's true, maybe the pranksters "recruited" short sized people, or even children, out of campus or out of town.

    Maybe the figures were crouching or something, although Lonnie said he some one of them do something similar to a jump, like it was startled to see him approaching in his car.

    Former Techie Hal Arbogast said that he was at NM Tech between 1963 and 1967. He also claims to have been a notorious prankster.

    Regarding the possibility of the Socorro "UFO" being a prank, he wrote to me:

    "(...) If this was a student prank, more than likely I was involved, and as a leader not a recruited participant. But to the best of my knowledge, this was NOT a student prank, nor, after I visited the site that night, was I convinced that anything regarding a UFO touchdown/crash was involved. I do not have records of fellow student e-mail addresses that may have been involved, nor do I recall any of them taking any interest in this report (...) In my semi-expert opinion, Tech students were not involved in any way in this "reported" incident. Nor did any of us know Lonnie Zamora (personally or through legal issues). We raised hell during our tenure at Tech, but the UFO incident wasn't , in my opinion wasn't, one of them".

    Does this prove that the incident was NOT a prank by Techies? Of course not, but it's interesting information to consider.


    By Blogger Patricio Abusleme, at Monday, April 07, 2014  

  • Thank you PA...

    It was no prank or hoax.

    Pranksters, by their nature, have to tell someone, sometine, what they've done, otherwise they lose half the fun of pranking.

    Shall I provide the psychological filler for hoaxing or pranking?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 07, 2014  

  • No need, Rich.

    I understand that pranksters in 1964 could have wanted to remain anonymous because of fear of being expelled from campus or prosecuted by the law, given that the alleged prank got the attention of authorities, got media coverage and got out of hand.

    However, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't come forward now. If they wish to remain anonymous, so be it.

    But, if it was a prank, I don't consider the Socorro UFO incident as a serious offense on their part. If it got out of hand and received media attention, it was mainly Zamora's and the cops' doing.

    I've been reading online about pranks from NM Techies from that period. Several of them seemed more serious and against the law. However, they were publicly "owned" by their authors, back then and afterwards.

    By Blogger Patricio Abusleme, at Monday, April 07, 2014  

  • Hal most certainly was not involved and was never told who was.

    Only 4 were- and they vowed never to rat on each other...

    Try emailing and/or calling 37 alumni of NMT (like I have) for that time period and you will find them...


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Monday, April 07, 2014  

  • Rich is giving a publicity for Vallée & Aubeck book. Well, that's ufology!

    Please Rich, read at least the following links (I have more to share, my ex-friend, but there are in French) :

    I'm surprised (in fact not) you defend this book without critics... You are part of ufology, after all ^^

    Amitiés (at least intellectual ones).


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Tuesday, April 08, 2014  

  • Rich, Interesting examples of white-garbed beings through the ages. Betty Andreassen-Luca claimed to have interacted with tall beings dressed in white robes, after the short-statured ubiquitous greys abducted her.

    The Zamora observation was kid-sized beings dressed in white (I just re-read a section on the Zamora encounter from one of Jenny Randles books). I too think Zamora may have encountered something other than college hoaxers. But, we'll probably never know.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Wednesday, April 09, 2014  

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