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Friday, May 30, 2014

Inter-dimensional UFOs (and beings)?

This account from the website INEXPLICATA-THE JOURNAL OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY, 5/27/2014, contains indications of an inter-dimensional intrusion by an alien of cosmologically foreign origin:

“Witnesses speak of the strange presence of a humanoid-type being in the beaches of Necochea on 20 May 2014 (date to be confirmed) at 23:00 hours (approx.). It seemed to float, was very large as its strides were quite long. It was seen from an apartment in the coastal area at the beach resort itself. It moved along the beach, near the water, before vanishing abruptly. Before this, it appeared to fade away, as parts of its body would disappear. It should be noted that this was an extremely cold evening and there was no one walking along the shore. On Sunday, 18 May, other people also witnessed a strange, man-like figure heading to the sea, to an illuminated site at the water's edge. The sighting was also made from an apartment facing the shore. After 22:00 on that cold and rainy night, whatever was headed into the sea vanished along with the white lights on the berm.” [Italics, mine]

Such accounts/reports of vanishing or fading-in-and-out UFOs and/or creatures are rife in UFO lore, as you know, and many contained “large-in-stature” visitors…

The Voronezh sightings(s) of 1989

The 1976 Canary Island observation(s)

The 1973 Greesburg, Pennsylvania episode(s)

The 1879 Knock, Ireland visitation(s)

The 12th Century Elidor events(s)

 Et cetera

For me, such observations are part of the UFO panoply, which causes sensible UFO buffs to name UFOs as “phenomena” – not “phenomenon” – as the raft of UFO accounts recorded over the years into the modern era are too diverse in essence to be attributable to one cause or source.

UFOs are phenomena, Jerry Clark notwithstanding.

And the Inexplicata account adds to that UFO inventory.

[The graphic, above, is from a painting by Mattijn Franssen, found at Fubiz.net]



  • One of the issues involved in anomalous experiential reports is the central issue this post highlights. That if one removes the binding identifiers of language and associative concepts,
    what is obvious is that we have many similarities to discrete identifiers ( humanoids, spaceships, angels, etc etc) that are incommensurable to a classical explanation yet we have a filing system that runs on appearances. If this were so, snow is separated from rain, fresh water from saline. etc. There would be no shared genetic material among species using this type of surface analysis.
    Four years ago, I complied a list of behavioral characteristics ( 15) that ( using just two out of many examples ) that are shared by UAP and classical ghost phenomenon. The only divisor is what they appear to be. yet they are not what they appear to be by combining classical physics with quantum physics. In the latest version of a theory that unites the two versions of physics we have a new model of copying energetic information called “Constructor Theory” In other words, the universe is like a big book of tasks that can be copied in classical physics. However in a quantum state an exact copy cannot be made which introduces uncertainty which is organised by the nature of the observer, a sort of general relativity of form and so, is it possible to make an inexact copy? A transient macro-quantum effect? The locality ( context ) of the environment and what is uncertain as to what is witnessed creates an inexact copy of what is anticipated that lasts only as long as a feedback exists which can vary as well as how widespread the consensus of anticipation lasts and it’s strength of force. Hence you have waves of types almost resembling the classical archetypes of Plato that evolve over time. A proverbial mold. I suspect this requires several environmental variables to fall into place like the cuts of a key ( geologic atmospheric and other energetic states ) in a manner that must conform to the lock that precipitates the event, much like weather preconditions prior to rain etc.
    A suspicion at best.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, May 30, 2014  

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