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Friday, May 30, 2014

Quantum Teleportation



  • Funny no one thought this important enough to comment... but after some consideration this makes for the best "real time" remote control over a distance you could possibly imagine.

    Think of the possibilities:

    Real time control of a "rover" over planetary distances... right now it takes something like 30 minutes for a command issued by JPL in Pasadena to reach the rover on Mars. With a working set-up like this you could play "hot wheels" on Mars in real time... while sitting in the comfort of your living room with your Xbox Twelve[an exaggeration to be sure...] or Play Station 30.

    or think of a Drone control with no time delay... or robotic manufacturing in orbit or on the moon-- no 1.3 second delay to the moon...

    Now what about NTs? [I won't call 'em ETs]

    The problem with NTs using such a thing for remote control is delivering the "entangled particles" to the place where they will be used. Over interstellar distances this is unlikely [Star Trek not withstanding] since there are no known working interstellar drives that won't fry the persons riding in them [much less fulfill the energy requirements for FTL travel]

    That's a spoiler for ETH folks... given what is known about the amount of energy needed to create a "worm hole" or a "Warp", how do the "ETH Flyers" actually work as "interstellar craft"? The only "working" design we currently have, the Alcubierre Drive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcubierre_drive requires "exotic matter" (anti-matter) or a very large "scoop" that sucks up interstellar gas and debris and turns it into energy to drive the warp [ST et al get away from the actual ugly engineering using lots of hand waving of "anti-matter" and "dilithium crystals"... to be sure this is where ETH believers do a lot of hand waving too]. Reportedly it would take 10 times the "exotic matter" in the know universe for this drive to function. Frankly the likelihood that what we have seen as UAPs is probably not big enough to travel interstellar distances.

    One other thing that I recently stumbled over: There is no such thing as "stealth" in space. Metamaterial "cloaking devices" don't work to cloak heat signatures... and the biggest problem in space is heat dissipation... we should be able to see ETH Flyers as they come and go from our solar system... but I digress.

    Of course once you get over the problem of getting entangled particles from there to here [or vice versa] you have a real time communication system.

    Who knows? Maybe the way to prove we are an intelligent species worth knowing is getting hooked into the "entangled interstellar communications system" [it would be another answer to Fermi's Paradox -- if you can't hack our phone network we don't want to talk to you.] Or maybe the ET regulators have broken up the Galactic Ma Bell and now you have to do the wiring yourself. ;-)

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Monday, June 02, 2014  

  • Joel wrote:
    That's a spoiler for ETH folks... given what is known about the amount of energy needed to create a "worm hole" or a "Warp", how do the "ETH Flyers" actually work as "interstellar craft"?

    The spoiler for the "anti-ETH" folks is unspoken implicit assumptions that may or may not be true, such as all known physical law relevant to FTL travel has been worked out, or there are no ways around problems for such things as the Alcubierre warp-drive or worm-hole travel, or there are no other possible ways that FTL travel might be accomplished, or the most blatant unspoken assumption, that ET's would necessarily be using FTL travel instead of much more malleable sub-light speed travel.

    Already initial arguments about the impossible energy requirements of the Alcubierre drive have been demolished. Instead of taking more negative mass than the known positive mass in the Universe, the same Wikipedia article says the negative mass requirements can be reduced to a few milligrams with proper space-time metric engineering. Other serious problems still remain, however. Problems with wormholes are also being attacked and whittled down somewhat, but don't look for wormhole travel soon.

    Heim-Droescher theory states warp drives and worm holes aren't needed at all, that new physics emerges with rotating magnetic fields only somewhat greater than those easily produced in labs now. This includes production of so-called gravito-photons, one creating a gravity-like attractive force, and another a repulsive one. Allegedly, such large, rotating fields also allow one to slip into another dimension and travel outside of our own space-time, perhaps not limited by our own space-time speed of light.

    Although largely ignored, Heim-Droescher theory is taken seriously by a few physicists, especially since it is the only theory that can accurately predict the masses of many subatomic particles, and also something called the fine-structure constant, related to the speed of light and the warping of space. Of course, if experiments don't verify its predictions, it will be tossed on the ash-heap of history.

    Another possibility might be the ability to manipulate the mu0 and epsilon0 of the vacuum. Decreasing one or both would increase the local speed of light.

    I only mention these to point out that maybe not everything has been thought of yet to accomplish FTL travel, and indeed, even mainstream modern physics has some serious theoretical problems with it. Our understanding of the physical laws of our universe is still far from complete.

    Then there is the unspoken sub-light travel, for which there are no fundamental theoretical objections, mainly a matter of how fast you want to go, thus how much energy would be needed, and the massive engineering projects that would be needed to achieve such energies--but not that far out of reach of our present capabilities.

    We are still a very young technological civilization and our physics is only a few hundred years old. Other civilizations could have millions of years of head-start on us, probably have a much more complete understanding of physical law, which might permit FTL, or at least give them plenty of time to find us and travel here at STL speeds, including ways that our own NASA propulsion experts have proposed as possibilities.

    By Blogger David Rudiak, at Monday, June 02, 2014  

  • @David Rudiak:

    Hmmm... the one scientist that looked at Heim-Droescher and originally thought it might work took a second look and found that some of the equations and solutions were pulled out of thin air to "make things work" see this post: http://www.physforum.com/index.php?showtopic=4385&view=findpost&p=487786

    While "handwavium science" works in Hollywood, somehow trying to say the same thing for UAPs without some kind of actual science to back it up means the "Hypothesis" is as leaky as a sieve.

    The best possible drive we've come up with is the Accubierre and it has a great number of weaknesses the greatest of which is that when you turn the warp off you kill things http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/03/04/killer_warp_drive/

    The point about "cloaking" is you are pretty much "naked in space" which means that if the "ETH Fliers" do indeed travel at sub-light speeds their ships are enormous [I worked in the space program and I know what kind of reliability issues space flight causes and the number of back-up systems are required. If you're in deep space, trillions of miles from any system, you better have proper redundant systems or you are as good as dead all of which means we should see them in their coming and going with some of our satellite optical observatories. We should see the heat signatures of their "mother ships" We have not... unless you believe that "Brown Dwarves" [generally believed to be star like objects with insufficient mass to ignite] are actually the "signature" of an "generation ship"

    So what does this mean? Those funny lights in the sky [of which I have seen a few] are not interstellar craft... there isn't enough there to make it so... even with "Handwavium Nacelles" and claiming that they do it magically with advanced something or other does not make anyone a believer.

    This is why UFO and the ETH has failed to go anywhere. There is no science being done except as "hand waving" but the authors make the rounds of the UFO and New Age conventions to sell books, get adoration of "believers", and maybe get laid.

    67 years after Roswell and nothing has changed. No proof. No bodies. No Science. No actual explanation that holds water other than the government was covering up a black project.... little green men are a good cover because if it was LGMs or BEMs no one will believe you.

    Tell me really do you actually believe that the government could keep a secret about Aliens that long? As the old saying goes "Three people can keep a secret but only if two of them are dead." yet all of the prime Roswell witnesses lived to a "ripe old age".

    Unfortunately it seems that rather than being a "smoking gun" Roswell is a 67 year old dead end.

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Monday, June 02, 2014  

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