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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Roswell Hat

We've asked this before but didn't get an answer:

Who's hat is that on the chair behind General Ramey during the press moment when Mac Brazel's crappy debris was showcased for media?

Identifying the owner of that hat will tell us who provided the cover-up debris.



  • In its last appearance here, Kevin Randle wrote it is Bond Johnson's.

    Anyway, possibly a panama, with telescope crown, bound brim, and 1 1/2 inch pugaree". A nice hat for Texas in July.



    By Blogger Don, at Wednesday, June 11, 2014  

  • Hi, Rich.

    David and I had a conversation about this several months ago, as I had come across a photograph of Truman and his private SS bodyguard, who was wearing the exact hat. Coincidentally I believe it was the same Secret Service guy who died later, protecting Truman from an assassin. I could be wrong there, and would have to go back and check, but I think thats right.

    Anyhoo, I sent David the photo, and he noted:
    The style was extremely popular at the time, and that Mr. Bond had apparently claimed it was his hat. He apparently set it down to take the now famous shots.

    All the Best,

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • The obvious speculation is that it belonged to J. Bond Johnson, the newspaper photographer.

    By Blogger Larry, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • The hat belongs to James Bond Johnson, the photographer, a civilian, most assuredly not the provider of the cover-up debris.

    By Blogger David Rudiak, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Thank you, fellows....

    I found this while going through a raft of Picasa photos found on the computer and wondered what the hell it was about.

    (Are there any other photos of Johnson wearing the thing?)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Johnson was a pro newspaper photographer as his photos attest. Why did he leave his hat in the shot? One reason would be to say "I was here", I guess.

    Looking at a larger photo of the scene, the hat may not be a panama. The crown looks like it is pinched up in the front, raising the height of the front of the crown. Not recommended if it were a panama. The rake back of the crown suggests a casual fedora, rather than the '9 to 5' kind it seems all men wore all the time back then. So a summer felt fedora of good quality.

    Best Regards,


    By Blogger Don, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • There may be some name or text on the hat, just like on the scrap of paper in Ramey's hand, that reveals the great truth. So come on, you investigators, get going on that hat.

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • That is not "Mac Brazel's crappy debris" my friend...


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • What is interesting about the immediate postwar period is that there are parallel routes of investigations underway that could be considered mirror images of all the aspects and difficulties of Roswell.

    Substitute U-Boats for spacecraft and you have similar suspicions, similar conflicting stories, official confabulations, faulty historical records, eye witness accounts, conflicting this or that..even a endless debate over the possible existence of hard evidence.Even a "dream team" who call themselves "Shark Hunters"


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, June 13, 2014  

  • The hat in the photo was the late James Bond Johnson's, he confirmed this to me a few years ago whilst I was involved in researching the Fort Worth Photo's he took. He only took 4 of the 7 known photo's, his hat is missing(he had left by then) in the 2 Marcel images and the Newton image.



    By Blogger Neil, at Wednesday, June 25, 2014  

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