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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Was this a more significant event than Roswell?



  • It's an interesting story for sure. I think you're implying that Roswell must be even more significant than this due to the fact they have yet to release any files pertaining to the subject. Or that possibly nothing of real importance happened at Roswell- so there isn't anything to release. For skeptics is most likely the latter. I personally Len more towards a cover-up, ongoing to this day. Possibly bigger than that of two nuclear bombs nearly detonating on American soil. I guess time will only tell. I know that you (Rich) Bragalia, Carey, and Schmitt possibly know a little more right now than the rest of us. Maybe you could weigh in on the matter. :)

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Daniel:

    I'm implying that such a significant event, kept secret at the time for years afterward, will eventually show up in the public domain.

    I imagine CDA would agree that if Roswell really was an incident, it would have shown up by now, in the public domain, its secrecy coming to a halt.

    Some, such as the Roswell Team members you note, think Roswell was an earthshaking event that involved aliens from other worlds and was or is so profound that it remains secret to this day.

    So the potential nuclear catastrophe noted in the story linked above is nowhere near as significant, in their mind.

    (I don't see alien visitation as a viable reality: the Earth is too inconsequential to attract such visitors and certainly not in the droves imagined by UFO buffs or indicated by the raft of sightings over the years.)

    Even the Roswell Team's pending disclosure will not resolve the matter I'm afraid, and I think Nick Redfern agrees.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • "I imagine CDA would agree that if Roswell really was an incident, it would have shown up by now, in the public domain, its secrecy coming to a halt."

    You imagine correctly.

    "Some, such as the Roswell Team members you note, think Roswell was an earthshaking event that involved aliens from other worlds and was or is so profound that it remains secret to this day."

    Thus spoke a certain Stan Friedman a long time ago.

    And when we eventually land on Zeta Retuculi, or elsewhere, you may be certain that the Zeta leaders will likewise keep this profound event top secret from their general populace forever (or until such time when the populace are 'ready' to be told).

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • I lean towards something having happened that we call 'Roswell' which was of importance at least at the time, and for sometime thereafter, after which it simply vanishes from any "institutional memory" we have queried (and, perhaps, can query).

    Given the evidence of other cases at the time, we know neither A2, the CIC, and the FBI were deterred by legal or ethical barriers at all times.

    Simple pattern recognition shows correspondences to the ground hoaxes of the era. This does not mean Roswell was a hoax, but there is a template which fits: the ground hoax.



    By Blogger Don, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • What about a 1958 mid-air collision in which the United States Air Force lost a 7,600-pound Mark 15 nuclear weapon? The bomb was never found.


    Seems the South is a favorite place to drop or lose bombs.

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Well I certainly don't believe Earth is so important that we would receive alien visitors in droves. However, I do believe it is possible that we may have had contact at some point. I have often wondered or theorized that if Roswell was an alien crash it was intentional. And if our government assumed that it possibly was an intentional crash, they may have decided to hide it as best they could- possibly covering it up forever.
    Similar to Nick's Indiana Jones theory.
    I will admit though, this is wishful thinking. I want to believe in the alien answer- but logic makes me think it was something else, maybe Nick was right about the Japanese angle. I keep wondering if that is what the Roswell slides show- possibly an experimental human pilot. Maybe Japanese.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Joel,
    That's an intriguing story. I feel like it should be a bigger concern presently, as failure to contain any possible radiation leaks could have horrible consequences for years to come- if and when it does leak. I'm surprised there isn't more of an ongoing search for it.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Well. Now I'm real keen on seeing what the Roswell Team found...

    By Blogger Clayton Robertson, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Daniel

    to be fair, and ive noted this on here before, you have to ask if it was an experiment human pilot error, they probably would of said so by now.

    Since the Government has admitted mayby reluctantly to similar experiments having taken place before today, involving both humans and animals, radiation experiments etc, so am inclined to believe it isnt.

    By Blogger Al12, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • Al12,
    Ah, you are probably correct. Even if it was some grotesque use of Japanese prisoners they very well may have admitted so already. Why continue to cover it up. Many countries have committed horrible acts against humanity in the past. I see no reason for the continual coverup. If there is an ongoing coverup of the Roswell incident it must be considered a very profound event by those in the know.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, June 12, 2014  

  • I personally think that some may want to consider that it might not have been so much the event that warrented such secrecy, but the decisions some people made, bringing forth actions, that were what ended up leading to the need for cover-up.

    Much like a string of bad decisions, that snow-balled.

    -Just my take on it.

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Friday, June 13, 2014  

  • Daniel

    That is exactly my logic of this, they probably would of admitted it by now.

    the fact they havent says to me ( and probably you ) that ther is a lot more to this, am not saying its ET but something happened, something profound enough that its still possibly being covered from us

    Further more most earth bound experiments back then to my knowledge didnt involve of the use of extreme exotic materials, memory metal etc, rich knows my thinking on this.

    By Blogger Al12, at Friday, June 13, 2014  

  • Historical revisionism is as inevitable as it is predictable whether it is the settlement of the American West or the CIA's role in grabbing ex Reich technicians in advance of the Soviet.

    If you take spacecraft out of the Roswell scenario as a factor, any revision of history will be one footnote among the countless examples trough the decades.
    Even if the revision is a major one to the historical record within the postwar period, it's effect ( like this example of a nuclear accident ) will be a transient blip within the short span of public attention.

    The overloading of vested emotional baggage
    that emphasize highly dramatized outcomes to such a revision arising from Roswell are the gist of dreams more than they are probable as an effect on anything.

    Compare such a revision to all the tumult occurring around the world now, and any revision pales in comparison to the uncertainty around the globe around history being made in the present tense.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, June 13, 2014  

  • "Was this a more significant event than Roswell?"

    ...define significant.

    The media matrix has been thoroughly infiltrated by Roswellania. The media ALSO cannot remotely even understand this A/C accident's potential, because the media never even remotely understood science in school...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Friday, June 13, 2014  

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