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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The insertion of alien faces in ancient imagery?

Again, in this book, there are images, from old art-works, that contain what appear to be faces of those damnable little gray beings that UFO witnesses keep seeing.

This is The Wheel of Becoming (19th Century Tibet) [Page 400];
 The “alien faces”?
This is Yama and Yami, The Lord Death and his Shakti (19th Century Tibet) [Page 409]:
The “alien faces”?
This is Chakra-Samvararaja and His Shakti, Vajra-Yogini (18th Century, Tibet) [Page 404]:
The “alien faces”?
Did the creators of these works see little gray beings? Or did they have a neurological epiphany?

N.B. No, they're not impressions of skulls; they have the flame of life on their tops



  • Many of these are representations of cosmological models that portray aspects of human consciousness that the dead are confronted with and are illustrating their grasping,insatiably desirous animal nature. Another more cogent term is a confrontation with one's ego. The corruption of all things is another theme.All of these are metaphors in the sense of Joesph Cambell described.
    Wrathful Deities is a term I dimly remember in association with some of them. Aliens? Its highly doubtful..alienated from ones self as it is versus what we wish it to be? This seems the more traditional and cosmological symbolism versus an empirical story line.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, July 22, 2014  

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