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Thursday, July 10, 2014

UFO Sightings in Africa -- interesting and truly odd.

John Spencer in his World Atlas of UFOs … [Hamlyn Publishing. London, 1991], cited here, earlier, provides a number of odd UFO reports in Africa, from 1951 through 1985.

What sets these sightings or episodes apart from the usual raft of UFO sightings elsewhere is that almost all of them have an entity or entities involved or seen, who interact with witnesses, either talking to them or inviting them aboard their perceived craft.

In a 1951 encounter [on Drakensteen Mountain, Cape Province, South Africa] a British engineer, driving up the mountain, was flagged down by a small man with a domed head and speaking with a strange accent who claimed he needed water. The engineer took him to a stream and returned him to the spot where he first encountered the “under 5 foot” man. There the engineer saw a disc-shaped craft that the man invited the engineer to enter where the man said a colleague had burned himself.  When the engineer asked the little man where he came from, the man pointed to the sky and said, “From there.” [Page 146]

An Elizabeth Klarer of  Drakensberg, South Africa allegedly had a series of UFO sightings beginning in 1917, with an “extraordinary” sighting on December 27th, 1954 when she, attracted by the excitement of some Zulu children, watched as a 60 foot (18.3 m) disc-like craft descended and hovered  near her. It was flat with a dome and through a porthole she saw a humanoid figure “surveying her and the landscape” before flying off at great speed. In April 1956, early in the morning, she discovered, on a hill at her family farm, a huge metallic craft resting on the ground, with an entity standing outside it. He was tall [6 ft. 4 in. or 2 m) with clear grey, slanted eyes and high cheekbones. “He was wearing a one-piece suit.” The alien asked, “Not afraid this time?” She boarded the craft where she met a second alien. She was flown to a mother ship that was filled with similar aliens, who appeared to be friendly, one of whom was named Akon, a vegetarian, who “spoke” with her telepathically. Akon told her they came from a planet “four light years away” [sic] that put it in the vicinity of Alpha Centauri. Elizabeth became pregnant with Akon’s child hwo now lives with Akon on Meton, in the Alpha Centauri star system it seems. [Pages 146-147]

On February 14th, 1975, an Antoine Sévérin saw a domed UFO in a field at Petite Ile. of Reuníon Island in the Indian Ocean. Small entities got out of it and fired a white beam at Sévérin “rendering him unconscious.” [Page 151]

On January 3rd, 1979, Meagan Quezet and her son of Mindalore, Johannesburg, South Africa, while walking their dog, around midnight, spotted this egg-shaped craft:
 It stood about 12 ft [3.65m] high and stood on four landing legs. Five or six people stepped out of it and approached the witnesses, speaking in a high-pitched tone that sounded like Chinese. They were dressed in coveralls, one of the men, of normal height, having a thick head of hair and a beard. Thinking something wasn’t right, Meagan sent her son to get Daddy telling him to “run, please run.” The entities entered the craft, there was a buzzing sound, and the craft disappeared into the night sky. But apparently, Meagan had been taken aboard the craft right before telling her son, Andre, to get his father, where she saw chairs and “funny lights” during which the entities imparted a message that shocked her, but which she has been unable to recall, even under hypnosis, which she had reluctantly undergone after the episode. (She was about to be subjected to a physical examination, when she and her son jumped out of the craft, and Andre ran off to fetch his father.) [Pages 152-153]

On August 15th, 1981, a gardener, Clifford Muchena, saw a ball of light rolling towards him at an estate [La Rochelle] in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The fireball moved across the lawns, and as Muchena watched it he saw two tall beings or men standing nearby. They were wearing shiny silver suits and their faces shown a bright, shining light. Another witness saw the two men, who seemed to be carrying torches, but she saw them wearing blue jeans, neither she nor Muchena connecting the “men” with the ball of light. [Page 156]

Here we have several sightings, some with elements of hysteria, but all within the realm of sightings that have been catalogued by Jose Antonio Caravaca and flush with material that is grist for some kinds of studies, not just “ufology.”

Is there value in investigating vicissitudes of such reports as those presented by Mr. Spencer and Señor Caravaca? I think there is. But to what avail? That is open to discussion.



  • Our skeptical friends would say these events are all part of the "self deluded" sort of observations-- But what if the witnesses are actually telling "the truth" and relating their actual experience?

    Setting aside the skeptic's default explanation ["That's Impossible!"] one has two possible choices: a) the events occurred as reported or b) the actual events were the results of whatever it was they encountered-- which is to say the experience was manipulated so the witnesses saw what they were "allowed" or were "told" to see.

    Occam's Razor is not [as the skeptic's would define it] a logical tool used to eliminate the most ridiculous explanation. It's about not making a explanation more complex that the "facts" allow. *If* the events happened as described [note I say "if"] then the question is what exactly happened to these people. What did they encounter?

    Taking the reported "ETs" at face value [as reported] I'd say these apparitions are liars... {as my father would have said]... The question is what is the objective in spreading these kinds of lies?

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Thursday, July 10, 2014  

  • I find Klarer's story fascinating mostly because of its late 1970s telling in her autobiography "Beyond the Light Barrier." Regardless of what she experienced, her book casts the tale in terms of race (she claims her whiteness/blondness was one of the reasons Akon was able/willing to mate with her) and there are telling predictions of the "next" war being a race war. Hardly a surprising opinion for a white South African in the 1970s.

    By Blogger AJG, at Friday, July 11, 2014  

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