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Friday, July 18, 2014

UFOs and Electric Beings?

Bryan Sentes, a Facebook friend who teaches at Dawson College in Montreal, provided this link to his FB followers:


It allows speculation that, perhaps, somewhere in the Universe, a race of beings has evolved, beings who live off pure energy and may be energy beings themselves.



  • One could also speculate that an organism engineered to take advantage of this type of energy source would also eliminate (or drastically reduce) the need for food and the attendant waste elimination facilities. (Almost no one has ever reported a kitchen or a bathroom on board a UFO).

    By Blogger Larry, at Friday, July 18, 2014  

  • Sounds like the classic description of Djinn...

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Friday, July 18, 2014  

  • This is where extrapolation leads to speculation which is intriguing inasmuch as this is the territory of parapsychology, which I suspect is where the study of so-called "UFO" belongs although its outside of the comfort zone of most.
    There certainly is energy present and when measured in lumens, it is significant as well as electro-magnetic effects, energy signatures, etc.
    Quite a long time ago I wondered if the shape shifting quality of this attenuated itself to a host, borrowing a form in order to interact ( feed) as a parasitic behavior, to attach itself to our consciousness.
    Who knows?
    The universe is made of strange stuff.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • Also..
    The fact that light is energy perhaps becomes a uniting factor in
    other liminal phenomenon if one takes it out a machine categorization. NDE phenomenon are associated with passage through a tunnel of light which matches so called alien abduction scenarios.
    In OBE scenarios this is present as well and Robert Monroe's first bizarre experience very closely matches an alien abduction event minus the ritualistic so called aliens IE his being examined etc under a powerful light.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • A "race of beings"-in order to craft technology as a visiting alien- must be corporeal like us.

    Though they can manipulate 'electric energy' in remarkable ways, that is not there original or natural 'state of being.'

    This is because in order to 'craft' they must ambulate; possess fine motor movement; limbs; opposable digits; and bilateral symmetry. That is, they must be humanoid.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • Most UFOs AJB are incorporeal; no one has seen the inside of one. Thus, the UFO miight be an electric enclosure for electric beings, nothing solid at all.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • A footnote to your concept as conveyed to AJB...this concept was referred to in the cosmology of GI Gurdjieff by way of what he termed ( in translation) "omni-present platforms" that served as vehicles to allow the non local dead to travel by vectoring this place or that as a sort of encapsulation...
    Another variation on the theme,,albeit a metaphysical and exoteric example.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • A speculation, Bruce, that Rudiak will reject because we don't have an electric UFO in our hands.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • I don't take that gentleman's opinion as any more vital than any other speculation. What is sort of interesting is a dialog I had some time ago with the former head of research for Bigelow's NIDS. Colm K who related that he had a conversation with a Siberian shaman when this topic of so called "UFO'S" came up and his view was identical t Gurdjieffs...yet another twilight extrapolation.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • Also:
    You might be interested to compare Robert Monroe's original OBS experience with that of so called "alien abduction" If this is too far afield, I apologize in advance

    "I suddenly felt bathed in and transfixed by a very powerful beam... I was completely powerless, with no will of my own, and I felt as if I were in the presence of a very strong force, in personal contact with it. It had intelligence of a form beyond my comprehension and it came directly (down the beam?) into my head, and seemed to be searching every memory in my mind. I was truly frightened because I was powerless to do anything about this intrusion.
    The same impersonal probing, the same power, from the same angle. However, this time I received the firm impression that I was inextricably bound by loyalty to this intelligent force, always had been, and that I had a job to perform here on earth...
    It is an impersonal, cold intelligence, with none of the emotions of love or compassion which we respect so much, yet this may be the omnipotence we call God... I sat down and cried, great deep sobs as I have never cried before, because then I knew without any qualification or future hope of change that the God of my childhood, of the churches, of religion throughout the world was not as we worshipped him to beā€”that for the rest of my life, I would "suffer" the loss of this illusion."

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 19, 2014  

  • AJB:

    Your thinking is "anthropocentric" -- are you seriously expecting everyone and everything that is an "intelligent species" look "human-like"? Your ETH bias is showing.

    Show how it would be possible?

    What if your "belief" ain't so? What if what you presume is the measure of "intelligence" and the requirements for "toolmaker's biologic features" are all wrong?

    Just because our evolutionary selection has worked out for us does not mean that everything, everywhere *must* look like us, act like us, have a social or physical history like us, or even think like us.

    Yes there probably are "requirements" for a "toolmaker's physical abilities" but who says they must be human-like and have human bi-symmetric features? Who says they must think like us? Or have a similar evolutionary history? Learn to think outside the box.

    My father recounted in his papers a "visit" my mother experienced in the spring of 1954. They weren't Greys or any other of the "usual" B-grade SciFi LGM / BEM...

    They were small floating "somethings" that she said looked like a miniature Portuguese Man-o'-war / Jellyfish which softly glowed a nice friendly shade of pink.

    Were these "visitors" real or a delusion? "L" if I know, but they are just as likely to be real as any other. Given that my father had to pick a melted nylon hairnet out of her hair the next morning, I will say she encountered "something". Delusions do not melt nylon into human hair.

    My father repeatedly said that whatever "intelligence" we might be dealing with in regards to UFO / UAP / Etc is deceptive and a master manipulator of people. He tended to agree with Vallee and the idea they were "Masters of Deception"

    I am reminded of one of the original Twilight Zone episodes entitled "To Serve Man". Assuming "they" [if "they" actually exist] are like "humans" is unwarranted and potentially lethal.

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Sunday, July 20, 2014  

  • I hate wading into the ETH swamp of stupidity, but the liminal nature of Mr. Bragalia's thinking when confronted with a hypothetical unknown is breathtaking (well, not really... but it is pretty sad).

    One should always avoid the use of the word "must" when dealing with an unknown. Here is just one example - the "beings" could have vast telepathic powers that allow them to manipulate matter without the requirement for corporeality. Or how about this - they created artificial life forms (whether sentient or not) to do all the dirty work like building stuff, whilst they transcended to a more ethereal state of pure thought.

    I find either of these just as likely as the idea that they have to basically look just like smaller versions of us.


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Sunday, July 20, 2014  

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