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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UFOs: The Unread Crowd

I’ve harped on this before, so forgive me for being redundant, but this is an issue that needs to be redressed.

I see from comments and e-mails that many readers here haven’t read Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers but presume to speak about the book and its contents.

And among the books I cite for my speculations, few, if any, have read or have them but they, too, presume to comment on my citations.

And what about those of you who haven’t bought Nick Redfern’s book, Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind, or any of Kevin Randle’s offerings?

Yet you quidnuncs continue to pontificate about their content.

This is the height of hubris, ignorant hubris.

That UFO people don’t support those who author credible, worthwhile tomes about the UFO topic is more than disappointing; it’s disgusting, you bastards!

I’m sure many of you buy cigarettes and beer, but opt not to support those who grind away at the UFO mystery, using their personal funds and time to enlighten the ufological masses.

That some of you deign to comment on esoteric books and postings about them that I bring to this venue makes me intellectually sick.

You oafs are not respected nor esteemed, but I allow your comments out of a sense of courtesy, for the mentally challenged.

Go forth, buy Nick’s books and Mr. Randle’s, and anyone else who has credible cachet in the UFO community.

And if you choose to comment on my fantasy offerings, do so with the background of knowledge you’ve garnered by reading and understanding the material proffered.

The UFO clan is awash in dolts. Let’s keep them far from this blog.



  • I come by my "doltishness" honestly. The works of Campbell and Jung, volumes and volumes on mythology, religion, symbolism, computer science and programming, paganism and Jewish Kabalah, Mathers' translation of the Arabian Nights, science fiction, fantasy, fractal geometry, writing, role playing games, and some space science [Among them Steven H. Dole's original RAND report "Habitable Planets for Man"].

    Unlike Larry I spent 12 years or so getting my hands dirty in a manufacturing / production environment doing Quality Control for rocket engines [see rocket.com new home of Rocketdyne] for the Space Shuttle Main Engine program and a program to refurbish "mothballed" Atlas engine sets for use by the Air Force.

    The lone UFO book I have on my shelf [a dead tree version] is Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee. And of course the discussions I had with my father over many years and the limited scraps of his "notes" on the subject. [one of the things that I find curious is that no one has asked for copies of those scraps... even as "curiosities" or as starting points for (dare I say it) real Science in the subject].

    Yesterday "The Anomalist" linked to a blog post at the UFO Trail about James Carrion and his beliefs about MUFON, UFOs, and the deceptions of the Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex. Carrion is singing the same tune as my father did back in the 90's in regards to MUFON and the deceptions in regards to the field [of course he has a book to sell]. Mr. Carrion seems to be carrying a "debunker's torch".


    Given what I have read here and at Mr. Randle's blog by believer's and skeptics I think I am ahead of the game in regards to discussing the subject. I had my father's ruminations on the subject for years showing both the weakness of the ETHers science and the intellectual dishonesty of the Skeptics.

    Between the fact that I have little "disposable income" these days and that nothing new is actually being said in books and the media concerning these subjects, I find no shame in not having read these books...

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Last night I was reading a book wherein a man has vague impressions of having met aliens. He soon learns he did meet aliens, and they had wiped his memory of the events.

    Barney Hill? No, Green Lantern!

    (Green Lantern #6, May-June 1961)

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Joel:

    By no means are you among the "unread."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Terry:

    I suspect we'll be seeing you at Comic Con.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Pretty harsh post Rich. I suspect I am one of the dolts you speak of. Although I do read and own quite a few UFO books. I support my favorite UFO authors- Stanton Friedman, Nick Redfern, Tom Carey/Don Schmitt, and Kevin Randle.
    Perhaps I have overstepped my boundary here on Iconoclasts. I should probably refrain from posting on some topics where I don't have much to offer.

    I have great respect for most of the guys who post on here, yourself included. I don't want to bring down the value of the discussion with uneducated comments. I'm more than happy to step back for a bit and spectate.

    Your blog will continue to be one of my favorites, even though I'm a big oaf. :)

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Daniel...

    You're one of the few people I enjoy seeing and reading here.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • RR,

    I've been collecting books on UFOs for about twenty years. My personal library of this material spans several bookshelves and includes everything from Nick Redfern's latest to books from the very beginning (for instance, I have both editions of Ruppelt's book as well as Scully's book). I also have a bunch of stuff that was self-published in very small quantities back in the 80's and 90's.

    The older books from the early 50s are the more interesting ones to me (sorry, Nick, no offense meant!) because those are the original source material, the UFO equivalent of the Dead Sea scrolls. I agree with you that people who are seriously interested in UFOs need to read the older material.

    However, a personal caveat: I've actually sat down and read the books in my collection, all of them at least once, some many times...and having done that, I STILL don't have a clue as to what the UFO phenomena is all about. The leading theories seem too...simple.

    By Blogger Capt Steve, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • Captain Steve...

    I'm with you all the way.

    We few readers and collectors of books (the early ones) are almost alone in the UFO universe.

    Aficionados think the internet is the Holy Grail of UFO reports.

    They have been made dopey by the insidious nature of ignorance that permeates (some of) the internet, especially the UFO portion of it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, July 23, 2014  

  • This blog and Nick's work have introduced me to some really interesting stuff. :)

    The problem is, as a fast reading, I go through the stuff waaaay too fast. :(

    By Blogger Clayton Robertson, at Thursday, July 24, 2014  

  • http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303657404576357323069853958

    Figured I'd throw this tidbit out. :)

    I'd really like to see investigation into Iranian and Chinese reports. The Tehran Incident for example, most internet accounts fail to include the bit about the persistent beeper signal in the 'landing area'.

    Without digging through obscure and esoteric texts, the interested person would otherwise miss out on this stuff.

    By Blogger Clayton Robertson, at Thursday, July 24, 2014  

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