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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jacques Vallee's Invisible College.....or Not

Jacques Vallee's Invisible College seems never to have come to fruition, although the concept would have been useful for study of the so-called UFO phenomenon.

Here's a paper on what an invisible college is and how to establish one:

Invisible College


  • RR-

    ...not exactly.... The Invisible College existed around Chicago in the late 1960s and early 1970s when ol'Vallee was a grad student in 'Information Systems' at Northwestern U. in Evanston IL, (despite that actually he was a close protege of wacky J. Allen Hynek, the Ruler of the (destroyed in 1996) Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center (LARC) on the Lake Michigan shore...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

  • A point could be made that the Internet has led to new possibilities when it comes to Invisible Colleges in science, in fact it has done so. Even if it remains unstated and unintended, and simply a loose, disorganized and quarreling group of people who barely tolerate one another, if at all; yet the Internet allows often censored or misrepresented info, that would otherwise not get much exposure, to be subjected to scrutiny and constructive critical approaches, improvements, modifications and fine tuning.

    Invisible Colleges in the Internet age is worth a look in for those interested in the sociology of science. In fact the Internet may well be the salvation of any Invisible College in this day and age.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

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