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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some fun....from our friend David Rudiak

David Rudiak, whose photo I purloined from the internet which gives its origin as Kevin Randle's blog, is a person I truly like and admire, despite his ETH bias.

But it seems I have, for some time, caused him angst and aggravation.

Here's a response from David at UFO Updates, circa 2005, about my Zamora thrust there.

I cause David Rudiak irritation



  • No offense intended to either you or David Rudiak - but I do think you bring up new topics a bit too often. I try to work out a comment to one topic and before I do so, another topic appears. I may be getting a bit old and unable to keep up but I suggest, say, a new topic once every 48 hours as a general average.

    Despite this I do enjoy the cut and thrust. Keep it up!

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

  • CDA;

    You can't multi-task?

    I'll try to slow down to accommodate you (and others) mon ami.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

  • DR's post was mildly amusing.

    >> These "whine columns" are what Reynolds and his cohorts call the new Ufology, as opposed to the old Ufology dominated by aging "elitists" like Dick Hall, Don Ledger, Bruce Maccabee, Jerry Clark, Larry Hatch, and many others. Many of these aging "elitists" are fond of outmoded things like good evidence logical thinking, and subjecting theories to scientific analysis when possible.<<

    Geez! DR and the rest are about seventy now--if alive--and still living in a flying-saucer fantasy world. Not a good thing.

    We can only wonder what DR thinks he and those other ridiculous fools (if not outright frauds) have accomplished with all their phony research. We all know the correct answer is absolutely nothing. It's all been nothing but a farce and a human waste, living under a juvenile pop-culture delusion. There are no more "flying saucers" or real "UFOs" of any kind now than there were in the 1940s when Ray Palmer created this nonsense to sell sci-fi magazines to boys.

    Based in that pulp fiction, the "UFO" myth is a set of self-referencing false beliefs whose appearance evolves but never really changes and never progresses or produces results. But DR and other Believers would rather ignore the obvious facts about their delicate insular fantasy and ignore the contradicting real world where "UFOs" do not exist.

    DR's claim of "good evidence and logical thinking" was his funniest line because that is the very antithesis of what these brain-dead ETHers do. Decades of irrational belief in the fantastical flying-saucer myth and conspiracy-mongering contains neither evidence or real thinking.

    And the fact that these idiots pretend that their bizarre hobby--the phony conferences, conventions, crappy books and BS videos--is anything more than that is simply pathetic. I can't think of anything more worthless than a pseudo "science" ufoolery conference of phonies, frauds, charlatans and assorted nutballs yammering about long-debunked flying-saucer fairy tales.

    All it's ever been is a way for a very few people to make a little bit of money; the rest are their suckers. Most probably could have made a lot more money working at legitimate professions--if they were capable--but that would have been much harder than playing the flying-saucer nutball racket.



    Which is more ridiculous, Friedman's insane "Flying Saucer Technology" or DR's sad case of "Ramey Memo" pareidolia?

    Belief in UFOs is also an undeniably attractive "ego trip", a posturing of inside information and secret lore, the possession of which puts its intimates apart from and above the rest of the unimaginative world.

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

  • Wow zoam, that was impressive. Have you tried your local mad asylum?

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Sunday, August 24, 2014  

  • I love Zoam and almost everything he says above is true.

    Rudiak's checking into the memo is a great idea but, as with anything Rudiak does, when he adds his own "analysis" things fall into absurdity,

    A very very funny example is to read his supposed text of the memo....take a look at what he thinks it says. It is hilarious: it's not English, not even teletype English...it makes no sense at all but from his saucer addled worldview he can present it with a straight face cause he can't conceive that not everyone is as nutty as he is.

    Admittedly, the text probably makes sense to many saucer buffs...but that is a low bar, isn't it?


    By Blogger Lance, at Monday, August 25, 2014  

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