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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"The Roswell Perspective"

I came across the following item while scouring our 2005 blog archive:

It ends with this, which CDA should like:

"Those of us who served in the 509th Bomb Group at the time had considerable pride in our unit and respected our commanders. I believe we would have acted responsibly and promptly if there had been such a 'cataclysmic event.' The accusations that any of us have been involved in some sort of massive cover-up is ludicrous for one simple reason: Nothing occurred to cover up!"

There are links to much Roswell material, pro and con. Roswellians should find some useful things in it.



  • "Nothing occurred to cover up".

    You say I should like this remark. How right you are, but I did read of it some years ago.

    But don't expect certain people, whose names are familiar to us all, to accept the above conclusion!

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, August 19, 2014  

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