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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Roswell Team’s Mission: Sidetracked or Derailed

I know some of you hate the ongoing posting here about the alleged Roswell slides but it’s a farce that needs to be made transparent or wiped away.

Kevin Randle set up The Roswell Dream Team to clarify and cleanse the Roswell story of erroneous detritus, placing the so-called incident in a factual frame of reference once and for all.

But after Mr. Randle’s withdrawal from the Team – and let’s not go there again – the Team got bogged down with an obsession about some Kodachrome slides that they think are from the Roswell area and time-period (July 1947).

That provenance – Roswell and July 1947 – has yet to be proven, and I suspect it won’t be.

The Roswell affair, in toto, has been set aside to pursue the slide story, which has become the summum bonum of the Team’s effort.

That some on the Team see this as a money-maker goes without saying (or writing).

Fame and fortune have blinded the Team members; the Roswell incident buried in the obsession to become famous or rich.

My obsession with the team efforts is almost as bad as their obsession to get publicity for the Kodachrome slides, almost.

Part of what this blog is meant to do is present the panoply of foolishness and/or truth about UFOs and the phenomena’s followers.

Once the slides are presented and ridiculed, I’ll relent and get back to providing what little I can find about UFOs.

Meanwhile, bear with me. The slides need to be made public so we can have at them, and remove their onus once and for all.



  • From my point of view, looking at how long this ridiculous situation has been going on as well as the lack of accountability from the parties involved, providing this story a platform versus letting it die a natural death compounds it’s absurdity.
    Your background in journalism seeks transparency but then again, to what end?
    You said nothing of any use will come from the slides if they do exist. The whole event from the parties involved to the reportage is fraught with cross purposes.
    it’s a no win situation.
    This is particularly striking considering there are no other stories or activities to report in terms of the phenomenon itself. There are no reliable sources with verifiable information, so why bother?
    What I see is a process where you are guilty by association by providing a venue for this and prolonging a refutable possibility. Its an unenviable position and no one will clean up this mess to anyone’s satisfaction.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • You are right, of course, Bruce.

    But I can't help myself.

    The things nags, because it seems to be open ended, going on ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    I'm asking the Team to either sh*t or get off the pot.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Rich:

    Maybe you know something I don’t, but I’m not convinced the “Roswell team”--or whatever is left of it—is in any position to do anything about the Kodachrome slides. I am not a member of any such “team”. The “team” does not speak for me nor do I speak for them. I met with the owner of the slides on only one occasion and summarized what I saw during that meeting in a previous post. I personally have no additional first hand knowledge to impart. I have heard second hand that the owner is in the process of retaining some very highly qualified medical pathologists and developmental biologists to view the slides and render professional opinions and that the owner is in negotiations with media representatives with an eye toward producing a TV special on the slides. My experience with media producers over the years is that—once they get their hands on a project like this—they demand and get total control of the production and presentation of the material, in return for making the substantial investment of resources required.

    My understanding is that the owner—after communicating initially with some members of the “team”--decided to retain control and direction of the slides and their investigation. That is certainly consistent with the impression the owner gave me on the one occasion when we met. I think that is a wise decision on his part and I think any one of the various critics who comment here—including you-- would have and should have, done the same.

    The point is that—again, unless you have some information that I don’t—railing against the “Roswell team” to be more forthcoming looks a lot like beating a dead horse, to me. Emotionally satisfying perhaps, but not likely to get you anywhere.

    On a substantive point, when the dust settles, I think the slides will be shown with high confidence to have been taken in 1947 or slightly later, by Hilda Ray, the owner of all the other photos that were in the trunk. Given the context, I think the slides show a real and fairly fresh cadaver. By that, I mean that the cadaver was the remains of a recently-living organism that had its own life story and developmental history. I am not qualified to say whether the cadaver depicted is or is not explainable as a known human developmental syndrome or pathology, nor do I think anyone else who routinely posts on this blog is either. That is specifically why experts are being consulted.

    As to the connection of the slides to Roswell, I would say that the current state of knowledge allows such a connection, but does not require it.

    By Blogger Larry, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Thanks, Larry..

    Wise counsel as always.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Larry makes a valid point concerning the economics of the situation (what ever that to be).

    Unfortunately, that's not the venue or approach that most wanted to see, by-passing even a modicum of scientific protocols, being that such protocols even exist in this day and age.

    So now we are to be subjected to another dopey docudrama produced by the likes of the now much discredited Discovery/History/Destination America, et al.

    If we are to go back to old school economics of such discoveries, I would suggest a traveling carnival show where carnival barkers charge x dollars for a quick peak inside a dimly lit tent.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Tim:

    That a "documentary" is afoot, doesn't bode well for Roswell or the UFO topic itself, as your list of malfeasant TV operations suggests.

    The slides were presented to CNN which passed on going forward with the things (because of the people involved I've been told).

    I'll get in touch with my CNN contacts to see if they want to one-up the pending fringe TV outlets.

    They may pass again, considering the whole matter to be hooey.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Given the fact that Larry's information is second hand and the fact that none of the Team has simply stated what what Larry imparted does not increase my confidence in any of this.
    Further,any television "documentary" if given a consideration of past history in terms of accuracy only casts more doubt on the veracity of this.
    Why doesn't the owner simply make a similar statement considering that this would not impede progress of any forensic review?
    Lastly, if this is a for profit operation, the motives for any of this are cast under a similar cloud.
    I have seen this song and dance before and a modicum of skepticism is not unreasonable.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Larry King has done UFO related shows in the past. I know he is retired- but it does show cnn to be somewhat open to the idea, and in a tasteful less than sensational way.
    However, modern day cnn is probably not interested in the story unless there is some major connection to Roswell.

    I agree with Bruce that we have seen this all before. It's always been a huge let down and blow to the study of UFOs pushing it further out into the boondocks of weirdos and pseudo science.
    Rich please do keep us informed on the matter. I would like to know what your cnn contacts think.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • Daniel:

    I have a CNN source and a heavy-weight freelancer, both of whom I'm going to try and get to suggest their companies "scoop" the pending fringe TV operations with a look at the slides from a newsworthy stance.

    CNN has already been briefed I've been told.

    So maybe I can get my CNN guy to see if his bosses will take a look at the story, as a real news event or another foolish UFO spectacle, like the Alien Autopsy nonsense.

    As Tim Hebert (and others) note, once one of the fringe TV networks gets their hands on the thing, they'll work it over so we won't really have any substantial account, just a sensational rendering.

    I suppose the owner will be happy to make some money from his propitious luck with his sister's find (in the garbage).

    And I think some of the Team members will lap up whatever they can in the way of notoriety or fame and maybe a few bucks via a book deal.

    The whole matter has become silly with secrecy and irrational obsession by some Team members.

    But as Gilles Fernandez often reminds us, That's ufology.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • thanks RR-

    ...this post on 'The Roswell Dream Team (tm)' is insightful as usual.

    However, you write that "The slides need to be made public so we can have at them, and remove their onus once and for all."

    So...as one who as actually read the cattle mutilation expose 'Mute Evidence', I think I second your call for 'AJB' to be separated from the body of 'TDT(tm)'


    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Thursday, August 14, 2014  

  • What is becoming clearer is that the Dreamers have been dumped.

    The owner of the slides used them to get some preliminary investigation done, and has now ditched them. I suspect the only reason Schmitt and Carey have kept their silence is the hope that they may still be able to profit from their involvement in this debacle; it certainly isn't because of a legally unenforceable NDA.

    By Blogger Ross, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Rich

    can i also say that youve commented before that this when released may force USAF for an explanation or at least you think the Roswell team are hoping for that.

    Do you still think or believe that given youve said CNN have passed up on it.

    By Blogger Al12, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • AI12:

    It seems that the Team has lost control or input about the slides.

    The "owner" is moving forward on his own and the slides are moving into the fringe area that some TV operations and networks use to exploit the UFO topic.

    Once that happens, the Air Force or any other government entity will find reason(s) to eschew the matter.

    However, if enough brouhaha takes place, one can see the Air Force or other military group responding.

    CNN passed on the matter as they saw Roswell researchers pushing the slides, and those researchers were already tainted by previous Roswell shenanigans.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • I lay the blame for this impasse at the door of Carey and Schmitt. They convinced the owner of this material that he had hit the jackpot, signed NDA's to further reinforce that belief, and now the consequences of their stupidity prevails.

    Recall that Nick Redfern received a mysterious call inquiring what the material was worth in commercial terms. His answer was not what the person inquiring wanted to hear and so he was not engaged any further.

    Arch mountebanks Carey and Schmitt desperate to lock down what they deemed a potential scoop told the owner what he wanted to hear. Their inability to make good on the promises of untold wealth means they have been dispensed with.

    It seems to me the owner's expectations as to the value of this find is now so far beyond what he can possibly hope to achieve that the material will never see the light of day. As more and more money is spent wheeling in more and more experts to opine on the material, the sunk costs attributable to some vague notion of 'authentication' are going to get larger and larger.

    By Blogger Ross, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Rich

    While i dont doubt what your saying with CNN, with the slides being linked to certain Roswell investigators and as such passed on the matter.

    But it also could be that lots of media outfits still see this and Roswell as well as UFOs as sillyness and follow the usual Governments party line of oh ther just balloons an such

    Thats my worry with this owner now taking them to media himself, that the slides wont get a fair look from the biased media, i could be wrong though.

    By Blogger Al12, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Yes, AI12...

    The silly factor is part of it.

    But Anthony Bragalia insists that papers have been signed, and the Roswell Team is in the mix -- for the upcoming disclosure and show?

    We'll see.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • RR,

    "his propitious luck with his sister's find (in the garbage)"

    Is this another change in the provenance of these slides, or merely a way to rephrase their being found in an estate cleanout?

    By Blogger Capt Steve, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Could Al12 please describe the "Government's party line" especially concerning alleged slides that may or may not pertain to an alleged incident at Roswell?

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • CS...

    It's my snarky reference to the estate cleansing.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Tim

    Meaning that if the slides are proffered to be linked to Roswell, as i suspect they will be.

    Then the team however loosely are involved in the disclosure will probably hope for any some reasoning from the USAF or Government, i think the responce will be as equelly disappointing as ther last responce in 1997 ie it was jus dummys and balloons, thats my take on it.

    By Blogger Al12, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Al12,

    I have no doubt that the slides will be linked to Roswell because that narrative has already been "established" by others...

    You are correct as far as any response from the Air Force or any agency of the government. They've been down that road and had their say privately and publicly (Blue Book).

    Besides, the "slides" have nothing to do with the AF, because said slides will be held for ransom as fodder for the new voices of Ufology, Discovery/History Channel, or perhaps pay per view venues. The Air Force would merely be standing in the way of a potential pay day.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • Tim

    i agree, also i understand why the owner is calling in experts etc to try to understand what the slides show, according to Larry that is.

    But even with all of these efforts the USAF will not feel obliged to say or do anythink, as you say they,ve been ther before.

    Be interesting if they did, but with all thats going on in the world right now lets not get our hopes up.

    By Blogger Al12, at Friday, August 15, 2014  

  • It makes no sense to me that the custodian/owner of the slides would be "in the process of retaining some very highly qualified medical pathologists and developmental biologists to view the slides and render professional opinions" BEFORE signing any deal with a TV producer, as Larry seemed to be stating (with an admittedly second-hand source). Why take the risk that the slides will be debunked before he has a chance to cash in? Is this guy really that confident?

    I wonder if these would be the same "highly qualified medical pathologists and developmental biologists" who examined the Atacama Humanoid...?

    By Blogger Mark OC, at Saturday, August 16, 2014  

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