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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Socorro craft...on display

This photo appears in the Smithsonian magazine Air & Space [September 2014, Page 41]:
This is the blurb underneath the photo:
The similarity to what Lonnie Zamora reported, including a red insignia, is remarkable and interesting, insofar as the "craft" used in the photo replicates Officer Zamora's sighting.



  • But back on planet Earth, the "Futurama" "ride" was not some exotic flying craft. No, it was really a long conveyor belt with seats carrying people along a track of futuristic visions, included a "trip to the moon" with lunar landscapes and small, totally nonflying models of lunar "spaceships", which roughly resembled the eventual LEM.

    So it had red lettering on it. So what? The Russians painted a red star or "CCCR" on many of their craft. Double so what? Does this make the Socorro object a "remarkable" match to a Russian MIG or space capsule?

    Let's see, I guess we're supposed to believe one of the small nonfunctional Futurama models magically transported itself to Socorro, took off with a roar under Zamora's nose, and flew itself off at high speed towards the mountains.

    All this so that Rich can state that the resemblance to what Zamora reported was "remarkable" and it was "The Socorro craft on display." This is very typical of Rich's gross exaggerations and inane "flavor of the week" "explanations" which don't explain anything. As Rich surprisingly brought up just the other day, I was taking him to task for this on UFO Updates almost a decade ago. Back then he assured everybody Socorro was really a secret Naval balloon project (which we had to find on our own because he couldn't be bothered to tell us what it was).

    I suspect Rich knows much better and is just jerking us around--as usual.

    By Blogger David Rudiak, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

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