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Friday, September 05, 2014

A paper that puts Roswell and other UFO things in perspective

Dead on Arrival?
The Development of the Aerospace Concept, 1944–58
School of Advanced Airpower Studies

This paper, which is archived at our (private) UFO web-site, contains the military milieu for the period when flying saucers were prominent and the Roswell incident had taken place.

These excerpts show the internecine conflict between the U.S. Army, The U.S. Navy, and the new U.S. Air Force, and why I think the U.S. Navy is the ultimate source for UFO information, not the U.S. Air Force.

The paper also makes clear that if a extraterrestrial craft had crashed and was recovered near Roswell, the event didn't impact the United States military in an overt, significant way.

The paper also allows for a possible non-extraterrestrial accident that might account for the Roswell incident.

And the last excerpt here could give a clue as to why James Forrestal was murdered....

On 20 November 1943, von Kármán forwarded the report to the War Department.4 For reasons unclear, the Air Force backed away from the project. ORD, however, did not; and in January 1944, they contracted von Kármán’s team to begin research in White Sands, New Mexico. By the year’s end, ORDCIT had fired an eight-foot, 500-pound missile 11 miles down range and was be-ginning to explore the effect of attaching lifting devices to improve its range and guidance characteristics. 

Interestingly, all of these events—as well as the emergence of the aerospace concept itself—took place prior to the Air Force gaining its independence in July 1947. Furthermore, these events established virtually every strand of horizontal and internal issues that will come to challenge the aerospace concept throughout the rest of this study. Consequently, understanding the period of 1944–47 is critical.

The Navy’s role was to control the high seas. Naval leadership—attuned to the emerging possibilities of rocketry to extend the reach of their fleets, as well as the Army’s organizational maneuvering with the Germans and Project Hermes—decided to enter the missile melee.

Beginning roughly in July 1947, the aerospace concept fell upon hard times, stagnating—and at times perhaps even receding—for the better part of the next six years.

If in the summer of 1947 the aerospace concept appeared to be taking hold within the Air Force, encouraged by Air Force leaders clearly thinking about the prospect of an operational domain that naturally extended beyond the atmosphere, within three years the concept had all but died.

“Secretary Forrestal Announces Results of Key West Agreements, 26 March 1948” (n.d., located in Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Ala.), 9, 12. The resulting potential ambiguity between the Air Force and the Navy over which service owned the strategic at-tack role was clarified in a subsequent amendment to the Key West Agreement that appeared three months after it was signed. On 1 July 1948, Secretary Forrestal issued a memorandum for record that said “the Navy’s requirement for . . . forces . . . would not be the basis for the development of a strategic air force. On the other hand, the memorandum also included the statement that ‘although strategic air warfare was assigned to the Air Force as a primary function, it was agreed that the Navy should not be denied the air necessary to accomplish its mission.’” Quoted from “Chronology of Changes in Key West Agreements, April 1948–January 1958,” prepared by the Historical Section, Joint Chiefs of Staff on 7 February 1958...



  • Rich, so the Air Force pushed Forrestal out the window because he was ceding power to the Navy? Is that the motive you're suggesting, here?

    Stu Symington was in Convair's pocket, so had it in for Jack Northrop and tried to make his life miserable, but no Executive Action there.

    Symington was AF Secretary during both events.

    And LeMay had JFK offed. Moral: don't mess with the Air Force.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 06, 2014  

  • Back in the day, Ron, rabid actions were taken for and against one's friends or enemies.

    That Secretary Forrestal was shoved out his hospital window seems plausible to me.


    Because he was about to spill his UFO beans?

    I don't think so.

    That he was inimical to colleagues?


    The "clue" I suggested was that Forrestal was his own man, a guy with integrity.

    That did him in.

    Whatever he knew, about anything, was detrimental to a long life.

    Just exactly what was the motivation for his murder is unknown and will remain so.

    But that he was murdered is (almost) a fact.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, September 06, 2014  

  • Who else thinks Forrestal was murdered? Do the FBI? Does any police force or official investigating body?

    Was any sort of enquiry set up to investigate this, as with JFK?

    Or is it just another bit of conspiracy theory that UFO (and other) nuts fix onto?

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, September 07, 2014  

  • Several journalistic inquiries, CDA, and a superficial government inquiry at the behest of the family I think.

    You know how to Google search, right?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 07, 2014  

  • I don't think Forrestal presented any threat that would warrant such an extreme action that is demonstrable and, of course,any linkage between his death and a homicide perpetrated by his peers is far from proven. The risk of perpetrating this would have been unfounded.
    Suicide, chronic depression, and other possibly biochemical causes were not well understood as they are now as compared to now. A common thread is there are seldom warning signs. Families of the deceased are more often than not are at a loss to explain what was so awful as to cause a loved one to take their own life.
    If you are looking for a loose cannon that was proven to be against the grain, look at Curtis LeMay and he went away peacefully.
    The document you cite has the opposite effect of stirring this particular pot. Theres nothing confrontational about it.
    "Almost a fact" is a silly statement as it's non starter and mixing JFK into a vast conspiracy web is patently ridiculous.
    I think on this one, your zest for conspiracies jumped the shark. It puts Roswell in perspective?
    Exactly how does that one work? I see nothing..zero.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, September 08, 2014  

  • How did JFK get in the mix? Not by me

    And if one is well read on the nefarious acts of government lackeys - see Redfern's works and others - they'd be less inclined to be dismissive of Evil.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, September 08, 2014  

  • I will merely say that RR's statement "But that he was murdered is (almost) a fact" is almost total fiction.

    Had he omitted the word 'almost' it would have been complete fiction.

    But worry not. In 10 days time the UK may (almost) cease to exist. At least that is what the doom-mongers are predicting about the Scottish referendum.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, September 08, 2014  

  • Early missile development is another of my interests!

    @RRRGroup let me know if you need a hand with anything. :)

    By Blogger Clayton Robertson, at Tuesday, September 09, 2014  

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