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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kenneth Arnold: Delusional ET Believer or Observer of Actual Odd Flying Objects?

This appeared in the article, pictured above [Saturday Evening Post, April 30, 1949]:
Arnold, while investigating the (alleged) Maury Island sighting in June 1947, generally considered a hoax, saw, "while flying to the scene of the investigation," as the segment above reports, a "covey of twenty-five flying disks."

Did Arnold really see 25 flying disks or had he become delusional within the hectic flying saucer cultural milieu of the time period?

One can make a case for delusion [See Symptoms of Psychopathology, John Wiley & Sons, 1970, Page 55 ff.].

While Kenneth Arnold's initial iconic sighting of nine objects near Mount Ranier is still open to interpretation, his stated observation of a covey of twenty-five flying disks bespeaks a mental disorder.

Or did he really see a covey of flying disks? His testimony seems incredulous. But does that demean his original "flying saucer" sighting, June 24th, 1947?

Just as current and long-time UFO aficionados (you know who I mean) have become ET obsessed when it comes to UFOs, without any substantive proof of an extraterrestrial connection to the phenomenon. one can understand the psychological mechanisms at work in the symptomatic array that UFO buffs have become immersed in.

This is what happened to Kenneth Arnold, at a time when flying disk hysteria was prevalent, even rampant.

Or one can say that Arnold saw nine odd flying objects and even a covey of twenty-five shortly thereafter.

But that would be participating in the hysterical delusion, would it not?



  • Arnold's initial sighting of nine flying objects may well have been true, but of a terrestrial nature, ie military aircraft. As far as I'm aware prior to his first sighting, Arnold was considered a level headed individual with solid reputation...yet, we all have personal baggage that we hide.

    The second sighting of multiple flying objects could be considered a manifestation of confabulatory thoughts that may well have been set up via a celebrity syndrome. This appears to be a hallmark symptom of numerous UFO observers, contactees, and abductees.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • If K. ARnold have had only a second sighting...

    To B. Pratt:
    ARNOLD: No, I’ve seen them seven or eight times, and my first impression is this: The ones that that I first reported over Mount Rainier were definitely crescent-shaped type things, with a pulsating thing in the middle of them. I’ve seen them since, and whatever it is, it has the ability to change its density apparently to accommodate for either its speed or flyability or whatever it is. The impression that I have felt is that these were going somewhere. I’ve never seen any of them that circled me or got curious. However, you get the feeling that they’re aware of you. And, of course, you’re aware of them, but my thinking was that they’re something alive–

    It is stated here or there he have made at least 6 footages of "them", but I have never seen such footages. Do you have here? Such footages seem to be "dated".



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • By all accounts Kenneth Arnold was a trained observer with no history of deceit. However, like Tim said above- the original sighting tends to lead to an excited mindset. A mindset that could cause someone to err on the side of the fantastic rather than logic. It appeared more prevalent during the 50s and 60s.
    This story seems to parallel others like Betty and Barney Hill's story.

    I don't disbelieve Arnold's original sighting. I think he may have witnessed something strange- terrestrial or otherwise. Yet it seems highly doubtful to me that he would witness an astonishing covey of 25 later on. I guess I'm on the fence about it. I would like to think Arnold wouldn't be as easily swept up in the hysteria- but it's possible.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • @Giles all I know is that the supposed footage was taken after his first sighting. Wish I could tell you more. :(

    By Blogger Clayton Robertson, at Thursday, September 04, 2014  

  • RR-

    MORE grist for your mill:

    FACT: Arnold's daughter was BFF with a very young Linda Moulton Howe, who claimed to have sat on his lap and heard his UFO experiences...

    ...somewhat later as a TV reporter in Colorado she pushed the whole dopey 'cattle-mutilation' farce
    (which Randle, BTW, disproved)

    ...SO... my only question is WHY she wasn't placed om 'The Roswell Dream Team' by it's creator?

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Friday, September 05, 2014  

  • Thank you Clayton.

    I have the "dates" when they were supposed to have been made (at least for some the footages). But theses exchanges with an investigator about the dates are not where I'm currently (vacations). Yes, it was after his first sighting (of course ?).



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Friday, September 05, 2014  

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