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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mac Brazel's Roswell Find: Balloon Debris but not Mogul Debris!

Some Roswellian advocates insist upon the idea that Mac Brazel found debris from a crashed flying disk, from which the errant Haut press release derived.

They argue that Project Mogul did not cover what Brazel discovered, and they are right.

But what he did find was still debris, but from Project Helios and here's what Brazel found:

The New York University Balloon Group was organized in November, 1946 to develop and fly constant level balloons that would carry Army Air Forces' instruments aloft for the long range detection of nuclear explosions. In 1947, while awaiting the delivery of the polyethylene balloons to be used in these flights, tests were made using clusters of neoprene, meteorological sounding balloons. In June, flight operations started in Alamogordo AAF, NM where three full-scale flights were launched. One of these, NYU Flight #4, was last reported over Arabela, NM. From a recent examination of the Weather Bureau winds aloft reports and of the ground tracks of the two subsequent NYU flights, it appears that Flight #4 is a likely candidate to explain the debris later recovered north-northwest of Arabela.

And here is a web-ste dealing with the Mogul matter, with inane comments by Roswell/ET advocates:


David Rudiak will say this is the Mogul array, but it has nothing to do with Project Helios.

Here is what it really is -- Mogul was a seprate project from Helios:

This trip was made in support of Project Helios. The primary purpose was to visit present or potential suppliers of materials need for the project. A major point of interest is the view on plastic films under consideration for the balloons. Pliofilm still seems to have most potential; nylon and polythene (polyethylene) are nowhere near mature enough to be seriously considered. 

This report describes the first outdoor inflation and flight attempt of a full-size pliofilm balloon on April 24, 1947. Purpose of the test was to obtain data on (1) proposed method of inflation; (2) use of plastic ground cover; (3) behavior of the aerostat at low wind velocity; (4) weighing off the aerostat; (5) rate of ascent; (6) operation of appendix; (7) excess lift for safe take-off without dragging; (5) balloon suspension system; (9) behavior of suspended parachute. Several preconceived opinions on these points were found wanting. A suspension harness failure precluded an actual flight. Nevertheless, the experiment was very revealing, producing information vital to any future attempt. Prior to the first outdoor inflation, a trial inflation had also been successfully made at the balloon loft. 



  • Rich: "David Rudiak will say this is the Mogul array, but it has nothing to do with Project Helios."

    No, David Rudiak will say this is yet another item taken from my website without attribution:



    If you read this, you will see that David Rudiak never said or believed that this was a Mogul balloon. As usual, Rich likes to put words in my mouth.

    Instead it was a cosmic ray research balloon launched from Princeton N.J. on July 12, 1947, (4 days after the Roswell story broke) using a train of weather balloons similar to the early Project Mogul balloons. But it was a separate project, not a Mogul launch. I noted that there might be a connection somewhere, since both projects were based in N.J. and the news stories describing the cosmic ray balloon used language that might serve as a cover story for the purpose of the Mogul balloons, saying the cosmic ray balloon was designed to detect tiny "atomic explosions" (whereas Mogul was supposed to detect real atomic explosions by the Russians).

    Nor does Mogul or the cosmic ray balloon have anything to do with "Project Helios", which was a Naval attempt to develop high-altitude manned balloons. This was under development in Minnesota, not N.J. or New Mexico, so nothing to do with Mogul. First test with a small payload was Sept. 1947. (unmanned) The project was cancelled at the end of 1947 with no manned flights, deemed to be impractical, but was revived under Project Skyhook years later using a giant, singular polyethylene balloon instead of a polyethylene balloon cluster. See, e.g.:


    Being balloon projects, there was some overlap in the technology of the time (e.g., in July 1947, Mogul started using polyethylene balloons, just like those being developed for Helios, replacing the neoprene weather balloons) and the Mogul people eventually worked on Skyhooks and other balloon projects (including spy balloons that flew directly over the Soviet Union). But in July 1947, Mogul was NOT Project Helios, nor was it the cosmic ray balloon in N.J. shown in the picture, and Helios had absolutely nothing to do with New Mexico or Roswell. End of story.

    Finally, Rich's description of "Project Helios" is instead the Project Mogul fictional "flight #4" scenario invented by Charles Moore and AFOSI to debunk Roswell. Where did he get the idea that this had anything to do with Project Helios? Don’t ask.

    As usual, Rich has created a mish-mash of massive historical confusion to manufacture another of his "flavor of the week" Roswell theories, this time that Mack Brazel found a Project Helios balloon. Only if Project Helios time and space warped from Sept 1947 Minnesota to July 1947 New Mexico.

    By Blogger David Rudiak, at Tuesday, September 02, 2014  

  • David:

    I like your web-site but I've never been there....not at all.

    I've seen material from your site linked elsewhere.

    The materials I find come from other sources (that may have purloined your work) or from the sites where you originally found them.

    That said, let me re-iterate that Brazel's debris wasn't Mogul debris or alien remnants.

    The Unexplained-Mysteries site and comments there show the mish-mash I was trying to example.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 02, 2014  

  • Once more we're reminded of the assertions by Douglas Deitrich that the Roswell crash was a captured Japanese armed and manned aircraft carrying megaballoon (flown over the US using the Jet Stream from Japan) being tested by the US Army Air Force - which is also why there was such a huge amount of debris strewwn around the ranch and environs.

    By Blogger new illuminati, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

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