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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Roswell Slides: An Update

We had hoped that Anthony Bragalia would provide a posting about what’s going on in the “Roswell slides” matter but I think he’s not interested.

It seems that possessor of the slides has removed The Roswell [Dream] Team from an association with the slides.

Mr. Bragalia, like us (and some of you) would like to see the slides make a public appearance and they may, but not imminently it seems.

Mr. Bragalia cannot tell us anything more than he has, he tells me.

Our resident space intellectual, Larry, who has seen the slides, close up, isn’t about to say they show an alien body but he does admit the Kodachromes do show an odd humanoid body and that the slides need much more scientific scrutiny, which they have gotten or are getting, the “owner” footing the costs of such scrutiny.

So, we’ll all only get to see the slides when and if they appear on a broadcast show from one of the usual presenters of fringe material: History, Science, Discovery, et cetera.



  • Rich

    youve said that this may force USAF into another explanation and that the Roswell team are close to uncovering what might of happened which will be a sort of get back or com,uppence

    Do you still see that as the case and also it is right that the owner does bring in professionals to scrutinize the slides, so one can detemine what were looking at, Alien or otherwise.

    By Blogger Al12, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • AI12...

    I think the slides are now in the domain of fantasy-TV -- one of those broadcasters that has lost credibility with sensible viewers.

    That would allow the AF or any agency of government to eschew comment.

    Without the spunky members of the UFO community forcing the issue, the matter will become a footnote like the Alien Autopsy.

    That's been my worry all along.

    The Roswell Team got hubristic and thought they'd be in charge.

    They aren't and now the UFO community has lost it ability to vett the slides and force someone in officialdom to comment.

    (The remote possibility, however, is that a legitimate scientist might come forward, asking for a clarification, but that doesn't mean Roswell will get a renewal of consideration; the slides remain without provenance of a serious kind.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • Rich

    Does it not depend who is going to be broadcasting this, as my understanding alot of serious media outfits passed on it due to certain people involved.

    With the team now supposedly not involved i would of thought some media outfit wouldve been interested.

    Also if Anthony isnt involved now then i wonder what are his thoughts now on this.

    By Blogger Al12, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • Wake me up when it's over

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • I think, AI12, that Mr. Bragalia wishes to let the matter lie still for a while.

    The problem is that one of the fringe networks has the show in its pocket.

    That clinches a serious denouement.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • Rich

    I can understand Bruces enthusiastic response here

    Since this has been going on for years now with nothing to show for it, for it to now be shown by a fringe network without being taken seriously after all this time.

    This is a scenerio that you warned might happen ages ago.

    By Blogger Al12, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • Ugh, modern television is a truly bad medium for such matters. These channels have all forgotten their roots in education and science.
    I know I'm preaching to the choir here.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Tuesday, September 16, 2014  

  • Rich

    I wonder how many other witness could be tracked down to verify or not whether this being was of the type witnessed at Roswell

    Ive said similar things before but itll be interesting to see if this being matches somewhat what the witness who saw the beings at Roswell described.

    By Blogger Al12, at Wednesday, September 17, 2014  

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