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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alien/Extraterrestrial thinking and technology are too flawed to be real

In my posting about water is gold for UFOs, I note that the Earth is insignificant or inconsequential in the galactic scheme of things: it’s remote and unnoticeable, slight of planetary size, and without prominence of any kind….except for its surfeit of water.

If alien travelers stumbled upon it, they would very likely be astonished at the amount of water the surface contains, something extraordinary, even among those places noted by a commenter – the rings of Saturn or the outer moons cited.

The Earth is a unique place, mostly because of its water content, and the rather pure condition of that water, compared to those other cited sources, where any water is contaminated by chemicals and elements that detract from H2O.

This allows that old conjecture that the alleged Roswell crash derived from a flying disk that was struck by lightning at the time.

An alien craft, traveling through the vicissitudes of time, wormhole, or space itself, being downed by lightning is a stretch, but if an alien craft were from a time or place where there were no storms or water to create rain/storms and lightning, one can imagine a scenario where a lightning bolt could bring down a craft from elsewhere besides Earth.

But that Roswell suggestion is unique to the Roswell lore and beside the point here, a digression I needed to get off my chest.

What I’m dealing with here are those UFO events – not sightings in the sky – but the reported incidents where creatures are seen embarking from a strange object or craft and interacting with humans.

As noted by Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, in his citations for us here and at his blog/site, the “beings” reported act in bizarre ways that demean intelligence enhanced enough to travel through space or time.

The activities are psychotic-like, which allows for a consensus that the reports are the product of a delusional, hallucinatory witness or witnesses, a project of a deranged mind, often temporary, or a neurological twist that is momentary.

But if the event is reported as experienced by a sane normal witness, the beings from the UFO act in ways that make no sense and use technology that doesn’t bespeak an advanced civilization or culture.

For instance the approach and demeanor of the beings is rarely cautionary as one would expect from sophisticated space travelers.

The beings move erratically toward witnesses as if the witness(es) can do them no harm or are free of human germs, illnesses, or weapons that can hurt them.
Some will say that the beings are robotic and that’s a possibility, although the accounts seem to offer activity that is not robotic as we understand the term.

Asking for (again) water or objects of a mundane nature makes little or no sense.

And using ray guns to paralyze witnesses is too sci-fi-like to bequeath it to advanced alien travelers.

A civilization that was able to traverse space or time would seem likely to have some other method to disable a human, other than a Captain Video ray gun.

The apparel is generally Earth-fashioned, a projection upon beings that indicate the experience comes from the mind of the witness or alien beings live in a retro world that is stuck in the Earth’s past periods or a world that isn’t anywhere advanced enough to permit travels to far flung regions of the galaxy or universe – too old fashioned, as it were.

Then there is the rocket-like approach or departure of their “craft” as in the Socorro incident of those enumerated by Señor Caravaca and other ufologists.

An advanced civilization would seem likely to have a propulsion system devoid of rocket aftermath.

And finally, a species that takes an unscientific methodology to confront human beings, on side roads or empty spaces with little or no value to a well-traveled space-traveling armada, is loopy, even if one countenances the idea that we can’t fathom the alien mind.

The whole panoply of UFO stories about creatures or beings from space actually landing by human beings and presenting themselves in ways that are less than advanced makes scenarios that are human-oriented rather than actual accounts of outer space species interacting with humans.

And the mundane sub-text of those reported encounters reminds me of a Jackie Gleason, Honeymooners sketch where Ralph creates a space outfit with a funnel-created ray gun for a Halloween contest at his lodge.

Now, UFOs without the attending creature reports, that’s another matter altogether.



  • Heres my conjecture and I would be interested to hear others.

    The main “bone of contention is our knowledge based on our own experiential and environmental realities, where linear causality has a set route where we posit “if this is so then what? based on the aforementioned principles.

    The same pathway we follow in our mentations creates psychic scenarios that the observer projects to the environment.

    This rerouting of critical assumptions is contradicted by observation and interaction by own benchmarks is very similar to how dreams are organised as quantum information lodged between actuality and very out of context organisation.

    I would call this one of several secondary effects, the chief feature of which is a high atmospheric energy potential that somehow is very similar to weather systems.

    It has a material ,energetic atmospheric basis and a psychic effect.

    In the mapping of gravitational anomalies which include electromagnetic disturbances that are geologically based, that are further qualified by their distance from ambient sources of electrical and communication systems, you have the same effects in other “paranormal” categories of anomalies.

    There is a sort of dipole between atmospheric energy and these geological locations that when conditions are ripe, strange things happen as a result and these are subject to flux and repetition just like a weather system.

    They cause transient disturbances or influences on how we normally process information.

    What’s interesting to me is the possible connection between magnesium and the crystal lattices found in these geological locations where gravitational and electromagnetic anomalies are located.

    Water seems to play a secondary role of conduction in some cases.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, October 13, 2014  

  • Ok, in the spirit of conjecture…

    Linear interstellar travel, in our physical/lifespan reality is almost certainly impossible so we can conjecture (conject!) to the unknown/missing element, a quantum, dimensional, phase shift, warp speed, multiverse, and etc. colossal something outside of our current understanding that is hopefully there.

    If that missing element is there and it does allow some others here, and they are, it then comes to that question of what for? Are they time travelers, observers, tricksters, specters, or what? As we are seekers and explorers, what are they -if they are a they.

    The alternative denial that “what you see is what you get” is mentally debilitating, and would leave us simply moribund creatures in a social isolation.

    It is possible, as all things are possible, that we are the unique and the center of the only cognizant universe. –Please tell me it ain’t true.

    My home page, on boot up, is The Astronomy Picture of the Day that is ever pounding me with the extent of distances and sizes involved. The whole notion that we are looking back in time further staggers the imagination. And, back to the distances and sizes, we are indeed just dust in the wind.

    That Earth is unique in the “Goldilocks zone” and with all the other factors of moon stabilization, iron core radiation protection, Jupiter protection and etc. defines our water world physiology but surely there could be others life forms whose preferred zone is something else or they could be a ghost-like in some non-physical/ non-corporal reality that we just get glimpses of from time to time
    And then, on another side of the coin there is mental illness, collective unconscious, and the like.

    And on a final point, I hope that Descartes was correct, but even his reasoning finally hinged on the premise “God would not deceive us.” –And, I really don’t want to go there.

    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Tuesday, October 14, 2014  

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