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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bruce Maccabee's (brilliant) Exegesis of Sheridan Cavitt's Roswell Debris Recollection

Here is UFO researcher Bruce Maccabee's paper on what Sheridan Cavitt (a Roswell officer in 1947) recounted about his accumulation of the Brazel/Roswell debris:


And here is Kevin Randle's take on a National Geographic airing of the Cavitt tale:


(For Roswell neophytes mostly)



  • When Moore visited Cavitt in 1982 to interview him one of the first things Cavitt did was to lift a book off his shelf to get Moore to autograph it. The book was THE ROSWELL INCIDENT.

    How and why did Cavitt get that book? Probably because he was interested, in that he remembered being stationed at Roswell decades before. Then having read the book, and probably others to follow, he simply recalled what he had read and confused it with what he actually did in 1947 (if anything).
    The other possibility is that Moore supplied him with the book BEFORE the interview to refresh his memory. This would explain the request for an autograph.

    Thus when Col, Weaver interviewed him in his dotage, poor old Cavitt was so confused by what he did or did not do in '47 and by what he had seen in the various books and possibly TV shows, that his mind was totally confused by it all. Hence his contradictory account to Weaver.

    So, all it amounts to is more or less worthless testimony.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, October 21, 2014  

  • Maccabee's article starts with the assumption that anything that Marcel said was true and then points out inconsistencies between Cavett and Marcel as though that somehow proves that Cavett was mistaken.

    Marcel's bullshit testimony has been well documented, even by believers. First he said that the stuff in the photos was the fantasy saucer debris. Then he began to say that the real stuff was there on the floor but that he was covering it up with some fake stuff--an obvious lie. Finally, he learned that he had to say that the stuff in the photos wasn't the same stuff he got on the ranch. You won't read any articles by saucer nuts on this topic, however--they usually just bow their heads and try to ignore it since Saint Marcel is key part of their religion.

    One of the funniest and most obvious indications that the whole thing is a silly myth is that Marcel himself (not knowing exactly what stories the believers were busy dreaming up) said firmly that he had NO IDEA about any sort of huge recovery effort that cordoned off large parts of the area and closed roads, etc.

    So, the BASE INTELLIGENCE OFFICER didn't know anything about about a massive intelligence effort, while apparently everyone else on base and off did! You have to be really dull or deluded, I suggest, to accept such a whopper.

    Unfortunately the world is full of exactly that type of person.


    By Blogger Lance, at Wednesday, October 22, 2014  

  • What Bruce does, Lance, is that he demolishes Cavitt as a credible witness.

    Does this mean that Brazel's story about collecting flying disc memory metal and storing it in his shed is true?

    No, it takes one more Roswell confabulator (or memory defective) out of the Roswell picture: Cavitt.

    It narrows the witness territory by one.

    Now, if we can get Rudiak and other Roswellians to understand that Brazel's folly -- finding some strange balloon debris -- not Mogul perhaps -- has been extended by bias and a will to disbelieve the obvious in favor of the "crashed disk" scenario, we'd be far along in cleansing UFO lore of, at least, one cockeyed myth.

    Bruce has helped us along the way.

    If you think that Bruce's exegesis seems to say that Brazel's story was true, I don't see that.

    I see Bruce as wiping one goofy old man's testimony from the record.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, October 22, 2014  

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