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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Original Sin and UFOs

Original Sin, the “curse” that God put upon Adam and Eve for disobeying his command not to eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The early Church and reformed Churches, Christianity all, tied the curse or sin to concupiscence, an ardent, usually sensual, longing. In Catholic theology, concupiscence has the name "Fomes peccati", as the selfish human desire for an object, person, or experience. For Christians, concupiscence is what they understand as the orientation, inclination or innate tendency of human beings to long for fleshly appetites, often associated with a desire to do things which are proscribed. [Wikipedia]

Despite the theological niceties, Christianity has ascribed sexual desire to the sin, even though Thomas Aquinas “distinguished the supernatural gifts of Adam before the Fall from what was merely natural, and said that it was the former that were lost, privileges that enabled man to keep his inferior powers in submission to reason and directed to his supernatural end. Even after the fall, man thus kept his natural abilities of reason, will and passions.” [Wikipedia]

Aquinas’ hints at what the sin really was: A loss of supernatural gifts only.

Mankind was relegated to dealing with existence by reason, will, and human passion(s), devoid of the ability to see things in their totality, their actual reality, or the real reality suggested by Plato (among others).

This loss of supernatural insight, however, seems to appear on occasion, as in the cases enumerated by Richard Maurice Bucke in his masterpiece, Cosmic Consciousness and in the studies by Carl Jung (archetypal forms).

The occasional views of the “real reality” are evidenced by such instances as Socrates’ encounter with an evanescent Greek warrior, George Washington’s mysterious advisor during the Revolutionary War, or Malcolm X’s apparition, while in prison.

UFO witnesses seem to have obtained that snatch of “real reality” or “other reality” also, especially those who’ve reported extensive episodes of a bizarre kind, many of those reports delineated by Jose Antonio Caravaca for us, here (in previous postings).

That is, the supernatural reality, on occasion, intrudes on human consciousness, poking forth from the (Jungian) Collective Unconsciousness that is part of the human psyche.

It doesn’t take a rarefied human to have such momentary epiphanies, as Bucke shows and UFO reports show; even the least intellectual human can have such experiences.

The loss of the cloak of Original Sin dissipates by virtue of a neurological glitch or something less tangible, perhaps: a moral sin-free, persona.

UFOs are seen when the intrinsic barrier of Original Sin is masked or disappears.

This means that God’s command or dictum falters, and I posit that to the Death of God, but that for another time.

Original Sin was (and is) a “curse” that no longer exists, and UFO spotting is an example of that non-existence.



  • I think you could just as easily make the case that it was the introduction of 'techne' that caused the 'Fall' from the original state of Nature.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • Make the case.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • Rich, by Washington's "mysterious stranger," you're referring to Casimir Pulaski? Sorry for going OT, but mention of strange mentors and muses makes me think of the Saint-Germain story.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • Tell me/us more Ron.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • If you mean Pulaski, he was a Polish nobleman and soldier, came to the colonies during the war, saved Washington's life, created the cavalry, etc., died in battle. Years later the U.S. Navy named a nuke sub after him, the first foreign national so honored. His appearance turned out to be providential for the Americans.

    As for Comte de Saint Germain, the stories have it that he was a European courtier, well versed in science and the arts (and perhaps as well in alchemy and occultism), that he had a predilection for showing up during critical historical times and influencing their outcome, and that he was immortal. There are some facts and lots of conjecture about how much of the SG story is historical fact vs. legend.

    Perhaps some humans didn't fall so far from grace as others? Or else were extra damned. That might be getting too far into Tsoukalos territory for me, but it raises some interesting questions.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • The Pulaski story is interesting as is the Comte de Saint Germain, Ron but have little to do with the mysterious encounter that George Washington allegedly had nor do the persons you cite address the topic.

    I'm addressing a theological view, not an historical purview.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • So, the female entity/angel of Valley Forge that addressed Washington as "Son of the Republic" and showed him a vision of the future Union?

    Even more interesting.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • Yes, whether apocryphal or not, but off topic.

    We all get sidetracked by footnotes or minutiae, some of them being absolutely fascinating.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 05, 2014  

  • 'Make the case.' -- RR

    ``And so returning to the Biblical narrative, we find techne associated to the curse of Cain, but then the world is saved by a carpenter, who by building a large boat is able protect the seed of the world from death[4]. The Ark has all the symbolism of the garments of skin, being an artificial protection, a “shell” placed around life in order to preserve it. And of course we all know that the Ark has been a longstanding symbol for the Church itself (even the word “nave”, the part of the church building where the faithful stand, means “boat”). But lo and behold, the symbolism of techne flips on itself once again, for what story follows the flood? It is the story of Babel, where men having learned to make bricks and mortar want to use them to make themselves equal to God. And so after the world has been saved by techne, it becomes the source of humanity’s second curse. And from then, once again the Bible presents techne as dubious, dangerous and related to the outsider.``


    By Blogger Parakletos, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • Parakletos:

    You make complex a suggestion that is simple in its generation.

    Using metaphorical stories and their symbols is okay for an evangelical exegesis, but I tried to shorn the idea of Original Sin of its accreted interpretations, using Aquinas' idea as the premise.

    You're taking us back to the raft of imagined interpretations of what the (Biblical) story tells us.

    I'm using the modus that Freud used in Moses and Monotheism, trying to keep my premise and conclusion simplistic and pertinent to the UFO topic.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • As in everything, our species has written it’s own social script based on our own behaviorisms and attempting to rationalise them as being dictated by random choices that in turn are based on the vagaries of self awareness that are unique to our species. The anti-structural ( supernatural ) is domesticated into rational terms and you end up with a mess. God by it’s nature, is incommensurable yet defining the incommensurable remains a human activity.
    Any extraterrestrial would find this a tragicomedy as evidence of a profound innocence.
    Sin as the root of original sin is a judgement placed against the dualism of either praiseworthy or blameworthy behavior that is contrasted against divine ( sacred ) law or rules as a form of rationalism as defined as it was written by our forebears which then was divided into good and evil by Zoroaster who added reward and punishment by the crossing of the Chinvat Bridge.
    In essence, his was a social control psychology that predates Moses. Some have suggested that demonising of the Romans in occupied Israel led to the invention of Satan that built on Zoroaster's innovation which in turn influenced Egypt in the creation of the Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness from which Christianity was innovated from.
    However, in it’s earliest form,the blameworthy original sin was divine itself in Sumeria,Then there was the People of The Garden, known as the Yezidis believe that Tawsi Melek , the Rainbow Peacock or The Angel of Earth ( the planet itself as a divine creature ) was amoral, and manipulated humankind for it’s own purposes which then led to the other authors much later creating the Demiurge as a supernatural agency of Tawsi Melek. This led to what remains today that the Yezdi’s are devil worshippers.
    The formulation of the Demiurge ( supernatural forces of a planetary nature) as a organised influence to promote ignorance by knowledge that harness animal appetites to foment chaos in the guise of knowledge. Some authors early on ascribed this tactic to the development of writing as a divine or supernatural edict leading to a loss of memory, where the means ( rationality ) becomes a self referential illusion of knowledge that underpins humankind as innocent victims who have been duped thinking they are conscious.
    In Babylon, there was a school of thought ( Sarmoun Darq) that migrated to Afghanistan that being born was an effect of original sin, that we exist in a living purgatory of physicality as a result.
    The Garden was elsewhere.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • BTW..Gurdjieff took the Sarmoun Darq
    concept of physicality as a effect of separation from the non physical Garden one step further as he suggested our UFO phenomenon (" omni-present platforms" )was an invention that solved the problem of non locality regarding those in Purgatory who are "stuck in the middle" between physicality and the non physical, and allows these souls to traverse our planet where they remain lodged without a corporeal identity.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • If we take the Calvinistic concept of predestination, or predetermination, as a starting point, then God knew well in advance that man would fall short of His expectations.

    Or, based upon some elaborate divine plan, this was the expected outcome all along that man would slowly evolve his ability to uncover the unknown through critical thinking (and numerous errors along the way).

    Aquinas may well have established the concept that man may have lost his supernatural traits, but we still maintain that "divine spark" that prod us down the path.

    Does this mean that science and religion are not that far apart when attempting to uncover true reality?

    Both have their own saints and dogma...

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • RR,

    I sure found the Iconoclast preferable to this Conjecture(s)...

    Have we "descent into (the) Hell" of scripture interpretation?

    Is this due to the dearth of secular UFO evidence?

    Your impatience with nonsense was much more rewarding and brought me to you blog as my sole UFO read/research beyond perusal of The Anomalist.

    Best regards and hoping for your quick recovery.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • Thanks, Bryan...

    We'll still be iconoclastic here, but with a more inventive approach, I hope.

    I'll see if I can sneak in a posting to whet your appetite.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • ``You're taking us back to the raft of imagined interpretations of what the (Biblical) story tells us.``

    On the contrary. I am taking you nowhere. I merely made the point. And it was made well by that author. Techne can save. But it's silly to suggest that the Bible doesn't also demonstrate that techne can be offensive to God when combined with hubris.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

  • Here's something else I found that I think is pertinent:

    "In the process described, the reference to the "flying saucer" suggests an essential dimension of the entire enterprise: that of UFOS. As an avatar of techne, Drunvalo generates his own UFO mythology, which he conflates with his delineation of the merkabah. This mythology has its roots in Lucifer's rebellion against God. Challenging God's authority, Lucifer constructs his own merkabah in an act of separation. Whereas God's merkabah is the fulfillment of ascent to the higher spheres, Lucifer's the fulfillment of the desire to transform spirit into "technology". Resulting in the possible onset of chaos, Lucifer's rebellious act pits merkabah against merkabah in cosmic battle, reminiscent on a New Age scale of the War in Heaven in Paradise Lost, along with its antecedents."

    --Children of Ezekiel: Aliens, UFOs, the Crisis of Race, and the Advent of End ...
    By Michael Lieb (page 72 in google books)

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Monday, October 06, 2014  

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