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Friday, November 07, 2014

Analyzing UFO Drawings (psychologically and forensically)

The book, above, by Gregg M. Furth [Sigo Press, Boston, 1988] offers a psychotherapeutic approach that could be applied to drawings of UFO experiences (alleged abuctions also) to determine the underlying truth of the experience or fantasy elements provided by the unconscious of UFO witnesses.

Drawings by Betty Hill, Charles Hickson (Pascagoula), "Betty Andreasson" and others who've given investigators and media pictorial clarification for the events or sightings that engaged them can be analyzed, using them methods in this book, to make sense of the witness drawings (and even determine if the witness is hoaxing, reporting a real observation/event, or hallucinating).

Some drawings that could be evaluated include:

Here are some random drawings (from a Google search) that could also be analyzed:


My point is that are methods by which UFO researchers (real researchers) could determine a number of things about UFO accounts, this being one methodology.

Even if the only result of such scrutiny is psychological, eliminating a UFO reality, that, in itself, will add to the UFO history.

Of course, the method has to be employed by those skilled in psychology or neurology, even sociology. And there a few in the UFO community so skilled. But whether they will do so is questionable. The work would be arduous and daunting (particularly for older cases), but it seems to me to be worthwhile, within the context of solving the UFO enigma.

That is, it goes to determining the "reality" or not of UFOs, something Zoam Chomsky and Gilles Fernandez should encourage.



  • The most striking characteristic of all the drawings made by witnesses is their crude, almost grade school quality lacking any accuracy any detail beyond the most basic shapes.
    I have always been surprised ( and maybe I shouldn’t be ) that investigators take a page from police detectives and have a trained artist available with a forensic background who is also trained in drawing out specifics from witnesses to create a more realistic forensic image as the first step.
    The use of a series of drawings usually created by a psychiatric patient who has a prior history of psychiatric maladies sometimes draws out hidden relationships..but the whole investigative techniques used then and perhaps now just are not thorough enough beyond the most basic stuff like being able to perform everyday tasks, has a responsible position, etc.
    Quite a few folks with seeming normal traits, positions, etc can have some fairly buried issues and some neurological characteristics in brain chemistry, or development may be clues, but then all that costs money….no one has. In other words, a multidisciplinary team that is professional and not composed of well meaning but amateur volunteers with a modicum of training. Ufology itself has made that possibility impossible.
    Thats one of several reasons, I don’t take witness testimony as a measurement of much beyond
    "I experienced something weird” or the general characteristics of the experience.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, November 07, 2014  

  • I like the drift of your post, as its point of departure is in a sense what Hynek told Vallee (or was it the other way around?), that ufologists "work with reports." A rigorous approach would not only employ the physical sciences in a forensic study of traces (soil, plant, animal, human, photographic, radar, etc.) but psychology (as you suggest) but also philosophy (phenomenology, rigorously as that _philosophical discipline_ interested in the description of "appearances" regardless of their ontological status (interested parties should begin with immersing themselves in the collected works of Edmund Husserl...)), hermeneutics ( the "art of interpretation") and narratology, i.e, studying reports _as reports_, textual phenomena, somewhat after the manner of Terry Matheson in his _Alien Abductions_ (Prometheus, 1998).

    By Blogger Bryan Sentes, at Friday, November 07, 2014  

  • If only UFO buffs were capable, Bryan.....if only...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, November 07, 2014  

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