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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flying Saucer Review 209 and (snark-master) Stuart Miller

Stuart Miller was a key player in the UFO community until he was killed in a motorcycle accident a few years ago.

He used to attack me (and others) using a pseudonym at outlandish web-sites.

And he did an interview with me for his Alien Worlds magazine, an article that was slavish and snarky both.

During the taping, he asked me about a to-do I was having with a UFO person. I said, "Off the record..." and he shut down his tape recorder, professionally.

I loved the guy. He was nice and nasty all at once, but always fair.

I found a copy of his Flying Saucer Review (the online magazine before Alien Worlds). It's issue 209 and has lots of poop about UFO people and UFOs: Greg Bishop, our friend and colleague, Nick Redfern, et cetera.

Click HERE to read it for yourself, and see that fun ufology used to be.



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