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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The UFO Iconoclast(s) indict Ufology via the S-4 Project

The UFO Iconoclast(s) offer a (sort of) mea culpa for its part in the UFO mess:




  • I am confused as to where to place this comment as there are two venues on the same subject so I apologise for the duplicate posts.
    After some time had passed in observing this phenomenon, I realised that the observer and the observed had a major issue that everyone denied. What is it? Some phenomenon we cannot measure and like many things it is unpredictable so we want to assert a control which then becomes divisive and creates chaos becomes no one wants to accept this, the incomplete nature of thought, theories etc. It ( the phenomenon ) is numinous, charismatic and unpredictable so to control it make order out of it based on our incomplete knowledge base, we naturally end up with one lunatic idea, concept theory etc after another to assert order which are in reality chaotic. Your image base the link to it attests to this. Thought being an incomplete base is prone to errors and one error compounds the next, squared cubed, etc. The theories (as in your example ) then become nearly psychotic. As a whole Ufology has created one explanatory mythology after another which an astute skeptic always points out. At the same time, the phenomenon does exist. For me, at this point, you could say this has been a learning curve that taught me an unexpected lesson. I look back on my thoughts I have expressed and most of them are as nutty as the others. And so, you are not alone in this. far from it. We are all in the same boat although nearly everyone denies this...and it ( Ufology ) gets so abstracted as to be meaningless. This is called crazy wisdom. Over time some become skeptics, some run out of material, some just weary of it without accepting it is “magical” and not amenable to thought as it’s constituted.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, November 12, 2014  

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