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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

First Elon Musk and now Stephen Hawking: Beware the Robots!



  • RR -

    meh...this is all just part of a very clever viral media slow hype-up to Spring 2015's Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron, which is EXACTLY about "Beware the Robots!"

    ...if you search a bit, you will find that nearly a year ago the marketing mavens seeded a 'robot warning' in an actual UN committee report (and please don't tell me you assume the UN weasels to be 'without price').

    (...and I need not even mention that the production company of Star Trek reboot's J. J. Abrams [ALSO he's new the Star Wars showrunner] is 'Bad Robot Productions')

    ...foloow the money, RR...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Please prove you're not a robot

    - this is your comment moderation approval?


    By Blogger Loki, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

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