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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Project Horizon

A source for vehicles mistaken as UFOs -- Socorro among them:

Project Horizon - An early study of a lunar outpost
IAF, International Astronautical Congress, 38th, Brighton, England; 10-17 Oct. 1987. 32 p. pp. 1987

Project Horizon was a pioneering study prepared by the US Army in the late 1950s to further the exploration of space. It strived to (1) design and establish a lunar outpost from which further investigations of, and operations on, the lunar surface could be undertaken, and (2) provide a supporting capability for other operations in space. Consideration is given to the lunar outpost design and construction, scientific programs proposed to be undertaken on the moon, launch and transfer vehicles, launch facilities, and communications. Background facts on Project Horizon are also described. (K.K.)

Descriptors: lunar Bases; nasa Space Programs; project Planning; research And Development; Armed Forces (united States); Communication Satellites; Orbital Assembly; Saturn Launch Vehicles; Space Stations; Systems Engineering


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