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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Air Force Teleportation Physics Study [2004]

Click HERE for a PDF of a United States Air Force study of and about teleportation.



  • Readers should pay special attention to sections 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 in which it is found that:

    1)"a traveler encountering and going through such a wormhole will feel no tidal gravitational forces and see no exotic matter-energy (that threads the throat). A traveler stepping through the throat will simply be teleported into the other remote spacetime region or another universe (note: the Einstein equation does not fix the spacetime topology, so it is possible that wormholes are inter-universe as well as intra-universe tunnels). We construct such a teleportation stargate by generating a thin shell or surface layer of “exotic” matter-energy much like a thin film of soap stretched across a loop of wire."

    2) "Visser et al. (2003) have demonstrated the existence of spacetime geometries containing traversable wormholes that are supported by arbitrarily small quantities of exotic matter-energy, and they proved that this was a general result."

    It is not generally understood--even among scientifically and technically trained individuals--that General Relativity totally changes the conclusions (regarding how feasible it is that different locations in the universe may be connected to each other) that one would reach using only Newtonian physics.

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