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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Proceedings of The Sign Historical Group UFO History Workshop [1999]

This is a photo of some real UFO researchers, a few gone to their heavenly reward and a few about to.

If you can find the Sign paper online, do so; it was an important, meaningful attempt to address the UFO phenomenon, something not really being done nowadays.

(We have the paper, but since its copyrighted, I can't offer it up here, but I do thank Bernard Thouanel, who was integral to the SIGN proceedings and gave me permission to show his photograph of the group.)



  • Hi guys, A PDF version of the Proceedings of the Sign Historical Group are online at: http://www.project1947.com/shg/proceedings/shgproceed1.pdf

    (I've done some work on making an updated and expanded version of those Proceedings. I posted a bit about that little project on a few UFO email discussion Lists during the summer this year, but there wasn't much interest from others in taking that work forward).

    By Blogger Isaac Koi, at Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

  • Thanks Isaac...

    I'm constantly surprised, but shouldn't be, that UFO newbies aren't attracted to previous outstanding UFO efforts.

    Everyone wants something juicy or spectacular, in lieu of things with gravitas and importance.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

  • Everyone wants something juicy or spectacular, in lieu of things with gravitas and importance.

    So says the guy who did more than anyone to promote / stir up the Roswell slides story. ;-)


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

  • What? The Kodak slides story isn't important or full of gravitas?

    Oh my....


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

  • I think everyone involved in ufology, whether a newbie or not, would like to find something really juicy or spectacular. :) Those of us that have been around the block a few times are simply generally more skeptical (with a small s) about juicy or spectacular claims...

    Anyway, I think that the Proceedings of the Sign Historical Group provided a valuable overview of - among other things - archives of UFO documentation in several universities and in the hands of private UFO groups/researchers. But that document is now a bit dated. Since 1999, a number of guides to relevant collections have been made available online by some of the relevant universities and others.

    A while ago, I thought it would be useful to collate relevant guides to help update the content of the Proceedings

    As a first basic tool, a while back I created searchable PDFs containing details of relevant archives (mainly in universities) found using the ArchiveGrid website that researcher John Reed helpfully drew to my attention a while ago. That search engine can be found at:
    The 4 PDF files at the link below contain details of 322 archives found as a result of a search for "ufo OR ufos OR unidentified flying object OR unidentified flying objects":

    I've also started a directory online storing inventories of various UFO document collection. This includes relevant passages from the Proceedings of the Sign Historical Group (with the kind permission of its editor, Tom Tulien) with the addition of various online finding guides and other material:

    The amount of ufological source material online has grown quite rapidly in the last few years (and aids such as the Proceedings and the documents above COULD be used to increase that rate rather dramatically...).

    The collections of freely available underlying UFO documents online continue to grow almost daily, making it increasingly difficult to excuse poor research and a failure to go back to source material.

    Just to take a recent example, Steve Kaeser recently made several important and rare microfilms available online (including a reel of APRO documents relating to sightings up to the end of 1956) - as I wrote about a week or so ago at:

    By Blogger Isaac Koi, at Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

  • Thanks for the tireless work, Mr. Koi.

    As a newcomer to UFO literature, I had no personal collection to draw on. I am astounded at how many documents, magazines and recordings are now available to me in digital formats.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Friday, January 02, 2015  

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