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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

UFO People: They are the worst, generally....

This is our Blogger stats for the past week.

We usually have a little over a 1000 visitors each day, most leaving no indication that they've been here.

That spike on November 25th comes from the Roswell slides imbroglio.

But that's not my plaint...

What irritates is that UFO devotees are facile, glib when it comes to commenting or investigating a UFO sighting, old or new.

For instance, the brilliant Eric Wargo was linked here, his take on worm holes, the Hill episode, et cetera.

Only erudite Bruce Duensing commented, probably because he's one of the few readers here who understood what Mr. Wargo was telling us.

I've also added a few controversial topics which have either received no comments or passing asides.

The topics, whether the link to a "report" that a scientist thought nuclear war took place on Mars in the past or my view that the gods were human projections not alien visitors from other parts of the cosmos, have been shrugged off.

At our private UFO web-site where non-UFO students and academics hover, we get interesting and often bizarre views that provoke thought and creative thinking about UFOs and related issues.

And everyone uses their real names.

I like it that readers cruise by. I hope they take away something unique, from the past or from my ramblings.

But is you've got guts and thoughts that are intellectually oriented, please leave a note.

Kevin Randle accepts slovenly comments at his valuable blog; he's more compassionate about dullards and their flippant remarks. (I'm not, as Frank Stalter notes at Kevin's blog.)

So I'll continue here, for a while, as getting views is not as bad as being ignored altogether.

But I'd sure like to hear from those who have something to say -- something notable of course -- but something, nonetheless.

The UFO topic is conversationally moribund. I know that, but it still has enough interest by mavens to create a stir, as the slides brouhaha showed.

So don't just look here. Leave a note. (I won't make fun of it.)



  • 1,000/day?! WHY am I wasting my time with poetry and criticism? (;

    By Blogger Bryan Sentes, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Poetry (and criticism) are the topics of the gods.

    UFOs are the topics of Charles Ives' "druids" in his The Unanswered Question.

    Let them who don't know what I'm talking about seek out the meaning.

    You, Bryan, already know.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • > So don't just look here. Leave a note. (I won't make fun of it.)

    What? I'm not leaving a comment then... oh wait...

    By OpenID raisinbottom, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Ok Rich, I'll bite at the apple. You post very interesting topics, most germane to the UFO phenomena. They are thought provoking...I've always believed this...still do.

    You know that I'm into the psychological aspects of the subject matter. I simply see no reason to keep saying the same thing over and over.

    If I've nothing meaningful to contribute to the topic at hand, I generally keep quiet. No sense in pontificating on things that I bring no value to the table.

    Rest assured, I do check in daily. Besides, I've got my little blog to keep up with and wet myself when I achieve 100 hits per day...such is life living on the cyber floor waiting for residue to drift down.

    Yes, its all psychological in one fashion or another...I'm not quiet "Old Testament" from the skeptical side as Zoam.;0

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Tim:

    I always look forward to your comments. for a number of reasons but mostly as we see eye-to-eye on the psycho-neurological element in the UFO story.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Rich:

    I think one of the reasons is very simple: Ufologists are people first, and they also have lives outside of Ufology. It's nothing stranger than that.

    Personally, from Wednesday of last week until sunday night, I didn't check a single site or blog.

    Why? Simple: Thanksgiving. It was a holiday weekend. My own view which I'm sure is not shared by all (maybe not even many! lol) is that holidays, Christmas etc etc are not the time to be pondering on the Roswell slides, what really happened at McMinville etc.

    Holidays are time for fun.

    I think there's a tendency for people to think Ufologists are constantly focused on UFOs and nothing else.

    Maybe for some, that is the case. But, I know for sure that for many others, including me, it's not the case.

    People may not overly comment because - simply - they want to watch a game, go out for dinner, do yard work, hang out by the beach (those lucky enough to live there!), etc etc.

    That's why you haven't seen me here much recently - nothing mysterious, no agenda, just everyday life.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Nick, buddy, I know you are a bon vivant.

    But many of the rest of us are just UFO mokes, without a life outside the topic.

    And since 1000 people (or more) did take the time to cruise by, I'd expect a comment or two in passing.

    If they have time to look, they have time to parlay.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • I'm always here, reading away. I haven't taken part in many of the topics because I felt I had nothing of value to add. I also read Kevin's blog- yet have never posted anything on there.
    Your blog posts are always interesting. I always enjoy jumping in when I get the urge. I enjoy the comments as much as the actual blog content.
    On more than one occasion your blog posts have changed my opinion or stance on a particular cases- like Socorro. So keep up the good work Rich, I will try to leave more comments in the future. :)

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Grazie, Daniel.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • "And since 1000 people (or more) did take the time to cruise by, I'd expect a comment or two in passing."

    You mean "or less" not "or more", don't you?

    The hit rate measures, I assume, the number of hits, i.e. it could be just five persons 'hitting' 200 times. At least that is how I understand these things (not that I understand much of the web anyway).

    Keep up the good work - encouraging healthy debate (or unhealthy debate if you prefer).

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • I stop by everyday and have never made a post or left a single comment, although I have stopped myself when viewing others comments.

    Why? I didn't want to be the random overlooked comment from an unknown voice amongst established contributors.

    Guess you have heard my voice now so have no excuse ;-)

    By Blogger Stephen Jackson, at Tuesday, December 02, 2014  

  • Sorry, Rich, but I've been busy. My local baseball team just signed all-star catcher Russell Martin! They also traded for all-star third baseman Josh Donaldson! Today was the deadline for tendering contracts to players on the roster! Now we have the Rule 5 draft! So I have been hitting the baseball blogs heavily. I even had read *shudder* their comments! The reasoning skills of sports fans is spookily like that of conspiracy mongers.

    Speaking of which, I did make time to mock David Rudiak over at Kevin's blog, if that is any consolation to you. I couldn't resist. He argued that if the Roswell slides are fake, that means the government did it, and if the government did it, the fakery must be based on reality, ERGO, fake evidence of aliens is positive evidence of aliens!

    That's entertainment!

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

  • That Rudiak, Terry, is a gem; he provides an imaginative take on UFOs (and especially Roswell) that makes any Sci-Fi writer look shabby.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

  • I think the spikes I observe here in relation to the mount of comments involving Roswell are due to the story line's simplicity. There are no abstracting or challenging concepts. A saucer crashed and the government kept it a secret. Anyone can play based on opinions. The skeptics are as entangled in it as the believers. It's a very "grounded" play on the prosaic, the identifiable, the familiar so it has an enormous appeal versus more difficult areas of interest.
    To put it simply, Roswell is the shortest distance between A and B.
    For me, it has been the greatest hindrance to any serious look at alternatives.
    On the other side of the coin, it seems that most "UFO" aficionados are not well versed in other areas outside of it.
    In see it as a fad of conformity.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, December 03, 2014  

  • I echo Tim Hebert: "I wet myself when I achieve 100 hits per day" ... or even one or two comments. You seem to be doing well! :-)


    By Anonymous Eric Wargo, at Friday, December 12, 2014  

  • Eric:

    It's the difference between quantity and quality.

    You and Tim get the latter.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, December 12, 2014  

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