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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Crop Circles: The Rural Psychosis

I'm not a big fan of crop circles, although I admire the ingenuity and diligence of those who create them.

Here's an example of a hard-worked hoax, with no pay-off (but for temporary attention):



UFO Assets

An ABC broadcast Thursday [1/2/2014], The Assets, is about CIA operative Aldrich Ames’ traitorous proffering of fellow operatives’ names to the Soviet’s KGB.

Britain had its Kim Philby defection from British Intelligence to Soviet Russia, with double-agent machinations by Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess. and Anthony Blunt.

In 1953, Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for Soviet espionage.

There are numerous other spy instances, where men and women privy to secrets of The United States and those of other countries, have offered, for cash or other reasons, a selling out of information that proved detrimental or eye-opening to those who received that information; Edward Snowden comes to mind currently.

The question to be asked is why no one allegedly privy to UFO materials, secret or otherwise, has ever come forward to disclose any of that information, no matter how prosaic or earth-shattering?

Is there no information to impart? Is the matter of UFOs so inane that no one will sacrifice their career or pensions to tell the public what their government or military knows?

If some of those named above thought that communism was a better alternative to democracy, wouldn’t it seem likely that someone in NASA, the CIA, the U.S. Air Force, or NSA et al. would think that information about UFO aliens, if actual, should be disclosed to media and/or the public?

Are there no heroes or traitors within the portals where UFO secrets are held?

And does anyone really believe that governments, especially The United States’ government (military) have really given up pursuing what UFOs are? That is, unless they already know.

It seems odd to me that there are no defections when it comes to UFOs, unless UFOs are of no real consequence, and those who have access to UFO materials know this.