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Sunday, January 05, 2014

A 1942 Incident that makes the Roswell story believable?

Benjamin Letzler, writing to the Editor(s) of The London Review of Books [January 9th 2014 issue, Page 4] recounts a story about the death of actress Carole Lombard (born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where our media office is located).

Ms. Lombard (who was married to movie icon Clark Gable) died in a plane crash on January 16, 1942, the plane she was in shot down by Nazis over the Potosi Mountains in Nevada.

Orson Welles claimed that Lombard’s plane was machine-gunned as it climbed over the mountains. “The plane [contained 22, including 15 army servicemen and] was full of big-time American physicists, [and was] shot down by the Nazis. [Ms. Lombard] was one of the only civilians on the plane. The plane was filled with bullet holes … No one wanted to admit that we had people in the middle of America who could shoot down a plane for the Nazis.”

The information above is virtually unknown, or little known.

That a group sympathetic to the Nazis were able to pull off such a dastardly stunt and the story about it kept under wraps until recently tells us that secrets can be held for over 70 years and still be murky when disclosed.

Roswell’s secrets remain to be fully vetted, and the slide photos scheduled to appear this Spring will only provide one small addendum to what really happened near Roswell in July 1947.


Ufology: A lack of dignity and class

One problem for the UFO phenomenon is that it is parented by a, generally, sleazy bunch of overseers.

In my objection to science, I didn’t note that its practitioners, scruffy as they may be, function with an academic decorum, generally, making their pronouncements, as crazy as they may be, acceptable to laymen and women, the media – the great unwashed even.

In UFO circles, we get such things as this: “Who Forted?” – A punny site, maybe full of great material (I’ve never sought it out because of its obtuse title) but one that sacrifices dignity and good taste for a catchy sobriquet.

Yet that’s the least of ufology’s problems. The core residents of the UFO community are crass and ill-educated, not just scummy-looking but scummy sounding and without logic or intellectual abilities.

The late Richard Hall, bless his soul, ranted about the lack of intelligence proffered by those who saturated the now-dead UFO UpDates. He was right, of course.

The mean-spirited and vulgar stance of some UpDate insiders drove off those with a touch of sophistication and reserve.

Why is the British/PBS show Downton Abbey so popular, even among the proletariat?

It smacks of a refined society that we in America, and especially among UFO aficionados, have long ago abandoned,

Add to that the psychotic ravings we get for comments here – not posted by the way – and we see examples of how society and civilization itself has sunk into a miasma of degraded and sometimes pathological behavior.

UFOs, as a phenomenon, has an uphill climb all by itself, to get acceptance by moderate and sensible persons who might have a chance at unraveling the obnoxious mystery.

Take into account that moderate and sensible persons have to skirt or overcome the dregs of humanity to get at UFO material and evidence, the chore becomes Sisyphean.

I try to maintain a modicum of sanity by associating with the likes of a Paul Kimball, or those Brits with their inherent reserve (Nick Redfern, Nick Pope, and David Clarke), or a Cullan Hudson.

And say what you will about Kevin Randle, he has never, to my knowledge, been vulgar or undignified at his blog or in person, a rarity for a man who’s been around the UFO block.

So, while I’m hanging in there with this blog, for a mite longer, I’ll be even less tolerant of goofy comments and attempted broadsides from a few psychopaths who still linger nearby.

But, as for ufology, I see it as a catch-all for all that is degraded in humanity – a place where the unaccepted members of society congregate to spew their vile, disgustingly stupid asides, and therefore will eschew the term as best as I can, because ufology as a word and a practice is demeaning to what man was meant to be.