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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

“Do what you gotta do.”

That quote is from NBC’s Chicago PD show that aired on Wednesday night, 1/15, at 10 p.m.
It represents what the ongoing plan for this blog will be; that is, it tells the mind-set going forward for this blog.

The UFO phenomenon is, for me, an interesting thing but a topic marred by sociopaths, liars, and cranks – loons as Paul Kimball tags them.

Lance Moody did the legwork that removed Philip J. Imbrogno who posed as an academic he wasn’t.

Paul Kimball has a book coming forth soon about other UFO charlatans, scientific deviants, and  reprobates.

If the good people in the UFO community ban together, they can marginalize or eliminate the goofs and nasties who lie and disrupt the pursuit of an explanation for an enigma that deserves proper scrutiny without the corruption brought on by those whom we all know are psychologically remiss.
So, it’s time to cite those who work from envy, mental disorientation, and vulgarity. You know their names. 

Now comes the time to do them in.


Alien Earth-like Planet


The Lazarus Effect

I closed this blog for a few days. 

I am sorry for distressing: Anthony Bragalia, Frank Warren, Jose Antonio Caravaca, Lance Moody, infakiro, Paul Kimball, and Chris Savia (Anomalist editor and moderator of Who Forted?, which I excoriated recently for having a slightly vulgar title).

Nick Redfern and a few others, didn’t even know this blog was down – they check in so infrequently.

I did get distress signals from persons who apparently read the blog – we get about 1500 hits each day – but never comment.

Yes, I know, they may eschew commentary to avoid snarky remonstrance from me, and that is understandable.

Anyway, the blog is back. And I hope, edifying to some extent.

So, again, I’m almost sorry for the angst I caused. You, who know me, understand.