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Friday, January 31, 2014

Skeptics and the Roswell “Myth”

 Our friend, Lance Moody and his skeptical comrades, CDA [Christopher Allan] and Gilles Fernandez insist, vehemently, that the 1947 Roswell incident and its accumulated aftermath of material is a myth.

Lance has a current comment about this at Kevin Randle’s blog where the Roswell tale is redundantly exercised, even more so than here.

What is discouraging about Lance’s stance and that of his skeptical allies is that Jung and his acolyte Joseph Campbell, along with Mircea Eliade and Sir James George Frazer have determined, if not scientifically at least academically, that at the core of mythical tales lie an absolute, profound truth.

Those, literate, in the works of those men and others know this and the matter is closed to dispute in most quarters of debate.

Yes. Roswell is a myth. And those who continue to pursue the topic (David Rudiak, The Roswell Investigations Team, Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman at al.), flawed as their approach may be, seek to get at the core truth, inside the Roswell “myth.”

Intellectuals and UFO thinkers of repute allow the ongoing Roswell pursuit, whereas the skeptics would shut it down.

One might ascribe a kind of mental/emotional or existent denial on the part of the skeptics.

But let’s just say, they are ill-read or illiterate when it comes to the academic vicissitudes of mythology and the vast amount of material that supports its paradigms.