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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Facebook and the UFO Phenomenon

Facebook is ten years old this month. UFOs have been “prominent” since 1947.

Facebook has more than a billion members.

UFOs have considerably less followers than that, and never had anywhere near a billion aficionados.

Facebook is on a decline; members jumping ship in droves, especially the younger set.

If Facebook – a rather recent, vital human sub-text – is already dying, how can anyone, with a straight face and ounce of sense think UFOs are still vital and alive?

UFOs, as a topic of interest, has lost its cachet with almost everyone except those of us who cling to the subject because our “addiction” has not been sated.

Even the so-called Roswell slides will not rejuvenate UFOs as a viable topic of vibrant interest.

Yes, there will be a surge among UFO mavens but that shall subside, as the slides, purporting to show an alien life-form from the alleged Roswell crash of 1947, prove to be about as valid, scientifically or forensically, as the once ballyhooed alien autopsy film.

UFOs are a non-topic in academic or scientific circles – all know that. But UFOs have become anathema in social circles too, completely ignored or shunned among polite, sensible cultured groups.

There will continue a rag-tag coterie of die-hards (me among them maybe).

But for all intents and purposes, UFOs are a dead issue.

And all of you know that.


Gaines M Crook on the UFO "Dilemma" and its Solution

We've inserted an interesting (to us) observation from Gaines M Crook concerning what to do about the UFO "dilemma" -- written in 2001.

Mr. Crook was at the edge of ufology, but only because he was circumspect and heterodox in his views.

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