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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Origin of the Roswell Slide(s) Story?

In the April 1976 Official UFO magazine, on Page 24 ff. appears an article by Raymond Fowler about crashed UFOs and bodies.

Besides the notorious Kingman, Arizona “crash” there’s a report of a crashed saucer at Mattydale, a suburb of Syracuse, New York; the report given to Fowler by a Mr. And Mrs. Marsden.

The incident happened between October 1953 and May 1954, given to Fowler in 1967.

An object about 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet high, exuding phosphorescent lights of several colors, which illuminated “quite a few men walking around the object and examining it. Some were uniformed and some were not. One man had what appeared to be a large press camera…and was taking pictures.” [Page 25]

Fowler then recounts the Kingman incident (of 1953) by an AEC project engineer, Fritz A. Werner, who was asked to help in the investigation of a crashed, super-secret Air Force vehicle:

The crashed, unknown object was allegedly studied by Mr. Werner and others; Werner providing an affidavit in which he said he glanced a “dead body of a four-foot human-like creature…The skin on its face was dark brown.” Werner was cautioned not to divulge what he had seen.

Werner was supposedly assigned to Project Blue Book later on, but Fowler wasn’t able to confirm that but was able to determine that Werner had some actual bona fides and was a credible source, who had a diary of his activity at Kingman.

(Fowler also mentions, in his piece, a Dr. Eric Wang, who figures in the memory metal that Anthony Bragalia found was studied by Battelle and NASA, and was said to come from the Roswell crash.)

So, what is the exact connection to Roswell that the Roswell Team sees? Or are their touted slides from another incident in the 1947-1953 time-frame?

Nick Redfern sees the sign that appears in the controversial photos as a possible clue to tell us where and when (perhaps) the pictures were snapped.

More to come?


Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Aversion to the Roswell Slide Team’s Efforts

If you found a treasure or the cross that Jesus was crucified on, wouldn’t you show it to your family first, before going to the media and/or the public?

Of course, if you’re a normal person.

That the Roswell Investigation Team is holding its slide information from the UFO community, its “family,” irks, and not just me.

Shouldn’t the Roswellians provide, at least, an overview of what they have found in their slides discovery?

(Personally, I don’t give a fig about the slides; they might clarify the Roswell incident but won’t resolve the UFO mystery, a phenomenon above and beyond Roswell.)

And then let me ask, did the Roswell Team run a background check on the “businessman” who possesses the slides or his sister, who allegedly found them?

That should be an important part of their investigation.

The lack of transparency in this whole slides episode is troubling.

And saying that the Team will provide their findings when “they are good and ready” adds smug insult to injury.

Why do these fellows get to call the shots, because the stumbled upon the slides?

I don’t think so.

Roswell belongs to the UFO community, not just a few frat boys, some of whom have questionable cachet as UFO cognoscenti sees it.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Roswell Slides Context

Many of you have questions about the situation with the so-called Roswell Slide(s).

Here’s what I know…

The Team doesn’t have its ducks in a row.

They know that the Kodachrome film was extant in 1947 and the photo(s) taken with it were probably taken in that time-frame, but they can’t prove that.

They also don’t know who took the photo(s); they have a guess, but that’s all they have.

They don’t know where the film was taken – locale. They think it’s near Roswell but that is a guess also.

They have no idea what the photo(s) show….a “body” apparently, but there is no way to determine what kind of body – real or simulated, or ???

The Team is trying to put together a scenario but they have no access to first-hand participants.

They have a Chicago guy who got the slides from his sister who found them in a trunk during and estate sale.

The possessor has no connection to the slides – direct or indirect. He’s just a guy hoping to capitalize on the things, hyped by Tom Carey as Roswell in nature.

Tom Carey is intrigued because he’s a Roswellian and wants to resolve that incident.

Don Schmitt wants to capitalize monetarily I think.

David Rudiak is a Roswell fanatic. He’s obsessed with Roswell and needs to keep scratching that itch.

Anthony Bragalia wants to be a UFO notable. He desires cachet and fame as a “ufologist” which I don’t get. Having UFO notoriety is anathema to persons who value dignity and common sense.

Chris Rutkowski is almost involved but a silent partner, one who should get out before his inestimable credibility is shot to hell by the Slides farce.

Kevin Randle wanted to clear up his beleaguered Roswell credibility but snookered that by playing fast and loose with the Slides story, nailed by Paul Kimball for prevaricating the issue.

So that’s where we are: the Slides will get a public airing this year, sometime, somehow.

But it will be akin to the Alien Autopsy film, in content and denouement; that is, it will end up being one more ufological joke that besmirches all involved.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Twilight of UFOs (despite The Roswell Slides)

Objective UFO buffs have got to see that the UFO era is over, dead, finito, extinct.

Yes, some strange things are still seen in the sky but, for all practical purposes, UFOs as a viable topic of interest or phenomenon in need of study are so over…

Those hoping or wishing that the so-called Roswell slides will rejuvenate Roswell or UFOs are going to be sorely disappointed.

There might be a blip of interest when the Roswell slides are made public but it will only be a blip.

The slides are already compromised. They were said to be taken by a geologist who happened, with his colleagues, upon an accident or Army operation which displayed an entity of unearthly demeanor.

Now it’s said the slides show a body in a building.

The slide story, like all UFO stories, has become fuzzy.

The Roswell Investigation Team is keeping their knowledge of the slides to themselves, hoping to capitalize on them with books, magazine articles, even a movie.

But really that Team is really hoping to gain some notoriety and fame, cementing their long-time efforts to make something tangible, worthwhile, of UFOs and especially Roswell.

The public doesn’t care. News media doesn’t care. The governments of the Earth don’t care.

Yes, there might be a mild stir, if the slides are marketed sensationally, but they, like UFOs, will subside into a fringe footnote, only to be debated by the last of the UFO obsessives.

UFOs are as dead as dead can be, only seeming alive because a few UFO mavens, like us, keep providing CPR, when we know, down deep, that UFOs have had their day.