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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Why The Ancient Astronaut thing drives some people crazy

I like the AA conjecturing about “exta-terrestrials” – they don’t pronounce the word as “extraterrestrials” – as it is imaginative and fictive.
But it can’t really be taken seriously, for a number of reasons.

One is that the “theorists” link images of ancient man to technology of today – today’s space suits, rocketry, et cetera.

Why would ancient alien visitors show up on Earth garbed in outfits and/or suits that mimic those of the 1960s and 1970s Earthian astronauts?

And where are such visitors today? Where did they go? And why do they show up in today’s UFO lore as little gray beings with little or no gear protecting their seemingly frail bodies?

Also, is it equally feasible that the stories AA theorists use to bolsters their views are just as reasonable for those who wrote, long ago, and many believe today, that it was “gods” or “immortals” who intervened and inter-acted with humankind.

That is, the myths and legends are just as palpable, or more so, if they truly represent gods and angels,

Alien or “exta-terrestrials” are a possibility but so are supernatural gods.

Those who study the paranormal know this.

And while the advanced thinking of early man, that produced the elaborate structures and ideas attributed  by AA theorists to space aliens, seems questionable to some, the mind of man, early on, had the ability to build such structures.

It’s the difficulty and unexplained machinations of such building that allows AA theorists to hold sway with some of the populace.

But if supernatural abilities were operative – something just as possible to paranormalists and outrageous to saner persons – the structures (Stonehenge, the Mayan/Incan pyramids, et cetera) appeared without an “exta-terrestrial” intervention.

Yes, supernatural abilities and gods are a stretch, but not any more so that the intervention of alien space travelers with outmoded space gear and rocketry that AA believers offer as support for their “theory.”

Again, the imaginative views of the AA crowd are entertaining, but that’s all they are. 
For me, that the gods did what legend says they did represent an equally valid view.