UFO Conjectures

Thursday, March 06, 2014

UFOs on the back burner (or worse)!

While Anomalist and other UFO dependent sites and venues pretend that UFOs are still a popular and a vibrant element in today's society, the dearth of interest in the UFO community, itself, is the give-away that UFOs are all but dead and buried as a vital topic.

Kevin Randle, for instance, is just now acknowledging the death of UFO Magazine, something UFO cognoscenti have known for several weeks now.

Our colleague Anthony Bragalia gets hits at his blog for articles written four years ago, readers just now stumbling apon them in a spurt of UFO interest it seems.

And we note the "death" of some once-rabid UFO aficionados who once commented at UFO blogs and web-sites but no longer do: Zoam Chomsky, PurrlGurrl, Lance moody (who is still extant but as quiet as a dead person), Larry, Kandinsky, Paul Kimball, Don Ledger, Jerry Clark, Don Ecsedy, Chuck Finley, et al.

Yes, UFOs and "ufology" is, despite some denials from a sleepy core of mavins, are all but buried, even as some fringe cable networks rehash UFO lore and get a few viewers who are curious but not really interested.

So, let's cut the charade: UFOs are dead. Ufology is dead. Most of the real practitioners are dead.