UFO Conjecture(s)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where are the flying saucer “fossils”?

The Alien Astronaut theorists and a few UFO quidnuncs tell us that flying saucers or UFOs have been visiting the Earth for thousands, maybe millions of years.

And some UFO buffs insist that flying saucer or UFO crashes have been almost epidemic since 1947, those crashes covered up by government militaries.

But let me address the many-year visiting UFOs/saucers.

If craft from somewhere else has been visiting the Earth for millennia, and their current configurations are crash prone (Aurora, Roswell, Aztec, Kecksburg, et cetera), why has no one ever discovered the remnants of a crashed saucer/UFO anywhere on Earth, before the cover-up era?

Why haven’t explorers stumbled upon a metallic or solid substance entity that would be identifiable as an odd construct, out of place or time?

Explorers and paleontologists have come upon odd things in the sands, mountains, jungles, snow fields of Earth and placed those finds in museums or noted them in journals.

But no one, ever, has described a flying saucer “fossil.”

Yes, the AA theorists will point to things like the Palenque sarcophagus lid as indication of an alien space craft, but that interpretation is iffy, and no craft is represented or was found among the areas other archaeological debris fields.

Stanley or Livingston never found anything in Africa that could be identified as a vehicle or airborne craft.

Nor did Marco Polo in China, or Herodotus in and around the Mediterranean.

Lewis and Clark didn’t come upon a downed saucer or anything like one.

No one ever found the remains of the supposed Airships of the 1890s, although those alleged crafts were reportedly (by witnesses) to be accident-prone or had troubled flights.

No Egyptian hieroglyph depicts a downed saucer.

But then, in the modern era, writers, such as Kevin Randle, tell us that flying saucers have crashed all over the place, only to be smothered by government interference and secrecy.

But before this paranoid era – back in the good ol’ days of unfettered discovery – no noted explorer or romantic traveler to far off, unknown realms ever wrote or said they had discovered an out of place, odd artifact that one could discern, today, as a crashed flying disk.

Dinosaur fossils have shown up everywhere. But nothing like a downed UFO.

What does that tell us?

That the whole flying saucer thing is hooey, or UFOs are a phenomenon without substance, the creatures of myth – evanescent and without substance, then and now.