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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plants Pilot UFOs [Redux]

I bring forward again the thesis that plants may be the species that originates and flies those things we call Unidentified Flying Objects.

This recurrence of mine stems from an article by Oliver Sacks in the April 24th issue New York Review of Books: The Mental life of Plants … [Page 4 ff.]

Sacks delineates Darwin’s idea that plants, while evolving along “two profoundly different paths,: they (plants and animals) are “closer that one might think” as he (Darwin) outlined in his botanical book, The Power of Movement in Plants (1880).

And Daniel Chamovitz writes in his book, What a Plant Knows (2012) “plants are capable of registering what we would call sights, sounds, tactile signals, and much more. Plants know what to do, and they ‘remember.’”

As I noted earlier, this prescient movie:
 Based upon this sci-fi story:
 Had it right: plants pilot flying saucers:
 I conjecture that plants evolved somewhere, over millions of years, into mobile, thinking entities in the same way that mankind evolved here.

That they are the things inside UFOs explains the reported heavy attendance near water of UFOs and the ability of UFOs to make aerodynamic moves that would kill an animal body.

Also, there is the reported witness testimony of telepathic interactions between UFO entities and those observing them, something that plants have been proven to do, as cited in my previous posting about this.

And the plaint by astro-biologists that the alleged gray entities that inundate UFO accounts are top heavy; that is, their heads are too large to be sustained by the slim bodies that witnesses have reported.

But many plants are top heavy and the thrust of that configuration is obvious:


So, for me, the idea that “a carrot” as noted in the movie is the entity flummoxing us is an hypothesis in need of more scrutiny or debate.